How Jen Benson Started In Politics

Posted January 5th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Sometimes we learn the truth in funny ways . . .

And now you know how an unemployed Art History major became a Ma$$ $tate Repre$entative known as “Bag Lady Benson” . . . . It won’t surprise you to learn that Jen gets her ‘news’ from NPR and the Jim Lehrer News Hour, and that she still believes in Al Gore’s Global Warming. 

Her solution is her 5¢ / bag tax on every bag you get at the grocery store.

That would force people to use the ‘green’ cloth bags – you know the ones – that come back into your food stores with all the pet dander and filth from the back seats of everybody’s cars clinging to them.


Jen was hand-picked by closet-bound JamieBoy Eldridge, who continues to mentor her.

A True Believer, she works hard for all the Progressives and Socialists – Eldridge, Tsongas, Coakley, Lurch . . .

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