How Far Could Moses Harris Swim?

Posted January 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Moses Harris was a busy 25 yr old working crook with no extra time to waste being arrested.  To evade the police he entered the Concord River – at 2:31 am Sat 19 Dec.   Yup – it was cold, damned cold!

Moses made a clean getaway!  He’s not been seen or found since.  His grieving aunt is raising money and blaming the police.

Gee, with all that money the Aunt is collecting – – maybe a swimming scholarship at UMass Lowell…?

Moses came into manhood during the Obama Years.  What lessons did he learn?

Did a split-second decision lead to a cold watery grave?

Arrest log – Lowell Sun

Jun 29, 2020 — Moses Harris, 25, 74 Whipple St.; malicious damage to motor vehicle.

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6 Responses to “How Far Could Moses Harris Swim?”

  1. Maynard Brandon

    “His grieving aunt is raising money and blaming the police.” One more proof point that stupidity is an heritable trait.

  2. Rob dockery

    This makes sense to BLM you can’t swim you are wanted for beating your baby mama cops go after being called. This dumbass who has never worked a day jumps in a fast moving river in middle of winter and the cops are suppose to save the fool with no cold weather gear. What a loss

  3. panther 6

    Moses appears not to have been to bright when he fled into the chilling water. His system probably just shut down and he drowned or he is still alive and laughing while his Mother rakes in lots of loot. Could be and yet the cops are at fault?? No way Jose.

  4. Walter Knight

    Dead or alive, I’ll bet his EBT card is still being used. Moses? It’s a miracle.

  5. Stubby Buddy

    “Young boy” sounds like a twelve-year-old. This 25-year-old MAN should have known better. That he did not is on his family, himself, and to a VERY large extent the democrat party that destroyed black communities, black families, upstanding and God-fearing black culture, and education over their very successful fifty-plus-year campaign.

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    You ~ may ~ remember back to Feb 2012 when the Black Victim Industry and their media allies tried to turn back the clock on the 17-yr old wannabe gang-banger Trayvon Martin, – showing his pictures on air as a child.

    Young Trayvon

    THIS was the REAL Trayvon in 2012:

    The REAL Trayvon

  6. Kojack

    Reminds me of a similar incident down in FL where the knucklehead was B+E’ing a 55+ condo complex when someone called the cops on him and he jumped into a lake to escape and became alligator food.

    Alligator Food