How Doctor Tom Price Fell Into Quicksand

Posted September 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

He is essentially a good man,  but the “Swamp” sucked him in,  and Trump fired him.

He’s a medical doctor – an orthopedic surgeon,  – pro-Life,  pro-2A,  and a lifelong campaigner against any form of Socialized Medicine.
I think the Obama holdovers at HHS set him up to be beheaded.

As is often the case,  a man may be brilliant in one area – and utterly clumsy in another.

8 years in the Georgia State Senate

12 years in the US House of Representatives

months as SecHHS

After 20 years as a legislator – Price was totally in over his head as a cabinet secretary and executive. 

The catch-phrase is “he was blind to the optics”.

And frankly – running up a $1,000,000 taxpayer bill on small executive jet travel in 4 months was over the top. It was dumb, – even if the Clinton people and the Obama people had all done it.   What was Loretta Lynch doing at Sky Harbor talking to Bill Clintonon the same kind of small airplane?

So,  I have to wonder WHO at HHS set up his travel schedule,  – and arranged for those planes.  Did some Obama holdovers sense his lack of executive savvy – and tell him reassuringly:

“It’s OK Sir,…all the Cabinet Secretaries do it…”?

Now the swamp has collected their first Trump Scalp.

And Trump and his CoS General John Kelly have put their foot down;  – no more High $$ executive flights without White House approval.   Trump is beginning to change the culture,…at least part of the swamp will be drained.

5 Responses to “How Doctor Tom Price Fell Into Quicksand”

  1. Sherox

    Anderson Cooper had footage of Price carrying on in a speech against exactly this thing from a few years ago. He apparently forgot that.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Hey, we have Democrat leftover turds leaking all sorts of items from the White House, and Democrat leftover turds sandbagging investigations at and into the FBI and DOJ. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn some Democrat leftover turd set-up Price for this fall. Just listening to him banter with an interviewer on Friday convinces me so, as he said each travel arrangement was approved by the various levels of travel scrutinizers. It wouldn’t surprise me, either, to finally learn that the last approval signatory turns out to be the turd who leaked the matter to Price’s Friday interviewer….

    But hey, the guy’s an educated man. He should have known better, knowing who he worked for, and certainly having some awareness of the Pelosi scandal of flying her grandchildren at government expense, back and forth across the old USA…. But hey, again, she was Democrat, and House Speaker, so I guess that was okay….

  3. Meat And Potatoes

    I find this dubious. Yes, others did this at far higher rates.
    Trump is adamant on this. No more spending.
    Fire the Obama hold overs now.. Ground the planes.
    Fly commercial..

  4. Panther 6

    I believe Price is basically a good man but he let things go to his brain and frankly stepped on it badly. His departure was the correct move. He also was ill advised by his staff me thinks. Then again maybe he is an evil man who felt he was important enough that he could get away with it. Regardless there is a lesson here for all our politicos. Don’t waste taxpayer dollars.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    To Panther 6: Indeed, Brother….