How DID The NY Times Get This Story?

Posted July 26th, 2015 by Iron Mike

FACT:  Two (2) Inspector Generals at the State Department have referred the case of Hillary’s email scandals to the Justice Department – for further investigation as a criminal matter.Who dropped a dime on Hillary
   That should have been CONFIDENTIAL!

But somehow – the NY Times got the story….

WHO could have dropped a dime on Hillary?

Who hates Hillary’s guts – for starting that first investigation into Obama’s citizenship back in 2008?

What, – your forgot?  You forgot that Hillary was the original ‘Birther’? 

Payback is a bitch with a dagger,  and a fierce loyalty to her Royal Ameri-Kenyan!

Could she – or would she have made such a bold move without Obama’s personal approval – AND the approval of Michelle?

I’d guess ‘no’, – but then she;s been wielding incredible power behind the scenes for over 6 years…. Maybe it’s gone to her head…?

WHY do it? What does the Obama Cartel have to gain by further discrediting Hillary just as the Presidential Primaries are starting to heat up?

R-E-V-E-N-G-E…is a dish best served cold.

Hillary didn’t act sufficiently grateful for being named SecState. She set about making her own reputation, – never giving credit to Obama for initiatives. 

In other words, – there wasn’t enough public sucking up!  It was all too much about Hillary running for President.

Hillary screwed up the Benghazi arms-smuggling operation BIG TIME! She fucked up the operation – the one thing Obama gave her complete control overso badly that it will forever hang over Obama’s ‘legacy’…

Benghazi Area Map

She took too long to organize the arms buy-back on the streets….

She didn’t assign enough personnel to do it, – then hired the wrong gang of Libyans to help.

Her security plan sucked big time;  too few guys,  – no rescue team,  and then she withdrew part of the team.

She assigned a gay ambassador as the dude on site – a move sure to anger all kinds and flavors of Muslims….

And when on 11 September 2012 – just weeks before the Presidential Election – the Terrorists [ISIS] struck and killed our four guys – she came up with the lamest excuse in history – blaming Muslim Anger on a YouTube video only seen 127 times.


Benghazi Morning After Liars

So you won’t find any love lingering in the Obama White House for the Clintons.  More like festering resentment and daily bursts of hatred.

So the dagger was pulled out – and stuck quietly were it hurts the most.

The investigations of Hillary by the House, – the Senate, – and the Justice Department will now occupy the headlines, – while the Obama Cartel continues to quietly destroy America from within.

Hillary is expendable, – but still useful as a political smoke screen.

Smoke Screen

And now Joe Biden can enter the race looking like the sane and reasonable old-school Democrat alternative to Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Problem for American is that if Biden were elected; – he would absolutely 100% be Obama’s [Jarrett’s] wire-guided puppet!

If you’re too young to understand the term ‘dropping a dime’ – go ask your parents – or your grandparents.

4 Responses to “How DID The NY Times Get This Story?”

  1. bujd laureyns


  2. GreenBeretLTC

    As I’ve been thinking, and saying, for a while now, our halfrican-American prevaricator in chief has no intention of being a responsible ex-president and transitioning into the retirement at noon, January 20, 2017. He intends to hijack the public stage as the de facto leader of the Democrap Party regardless of who the next president is. With Hilderbeast as president, Bubba is the one who will really take the role the pResident seeks, and Obama’s ego won’t be able to handle that.

    So, as the 2016 campaign goes on, watch the shyte the Obama attack machine leaks all over both Clintons, to ensure she loses, and if she ends up in the hoosegow, all the better! I figure he doesn’t give a hoot if we get a Republican president. He’ll just unleash that attack machine and try to defeat that president in 2020 to try to resume his Socialistic destruction of America…. Just my thoughts…

  3. William Clark

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  4. Walter Knight

    The only questions are how much damage can Obama do before leaving, and how many will he kill? Today the Kurds in Iraq are dying, bombed by Turkish jets from a base we share. Can Israel be destroyed in such a short time, too?

    The world is on its own from Taiwan to China to Siberia to Ukraine to the Middle East to Mexico.