How Desperate Is Bernie Sanders?

Posted April 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

With all the left-wing nut-jobs in the race already,  it would seem that Bernie is becoming a tad unbalanced,  as he flaps his arms ever more vigorously…

Certainly this was a puke-worthy headline on the Herald this morning. 2-min video:

Note carefully Patriots – that Sanders refers to our country as “our Democracy”,  which is a standard left-wing use of a misleading term to water down the fact that we are Constitutional Republic.

The difference…?  In a ‘democracy’ – a simple majority of people can decide, – in the heat of the moment, – to strip you of your God-given rights and your hard-earned property….

In a Republic,  the Government exists for the sole purpose of keeping you SAFE – from foreign enemies, – from domestic enemies, – and from mob rule.

Next Sanders goes on to explain his version of “Democratic Socialism”,  – which is to say he condemns a system where the ignorant and lazy cannot live comfortable lives,

– while he explains he wants “free” medical care and college for everybody,  – BUT – never explains how he would implement or pay for it.

Only young people who don’t know History – and who cannot do simple MATH are fooled by these socialist arguments.

Problem is, – our socialist union-infested public schools have churned out two generations of young voters who exactly fit that profile;  – they DON’T know History, and they CANNOT do math….

4 Responses to “How Desperate Is Bernie Sanders?”

  1. Mt Woman

    The scary part is that so many in the audience cheered and applauded this inane statement of the Sanders’s approach to increasing the Democrat voter base. If you are imprisoned, you forfeit your rights, including the right to vote. If the incarcerated are given the right to vote, this is a true “captive audience” of voters. In a town or city you are lucky to get a 25% voter turnout on election day, my assumption is that this would be more like 95% if you think of a jail-prison like a municipality.

  2. panther 6

    IMHO Bernie is nearing mental burnout. He will self destruct in the weeks ahead, just watch.

  3. integrity 1st

    There are too many in my generation, not millennials by a long shot, that buy into this crap. That is the scariest thing of all, so I’m rooting for Panther 6 to be right, and do see it as a distinct possibility, but wow, did Bernie bring out the socialists we are now seeing in plain daylight. Scary times.


    “There are too many in my generation…”

    This is EXACTLY how Germany fell under Hitler, and later how much of Europe fell under the various flavors of socialism.

    Modern society allows the marginal and the unproductive to remain alive – fed by their parents or public handouts, – when a century ago they would have starved, died of disease, or been sent to a debtor’s prison and worked to death.

    Now these talking plant life can vote and they are DEMANDING free medical care and total tuition forgiveness…AND a comfortable dignified retirement.

  4. Kojack

    Bernie THE MAD COMMIE got a standing ovation from the MASS-HOLES in the People’s Republic of Cambridge last night. He’ll win MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS.