How Deep Does The FBI Corruption Run?

Posted December 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

During the 8 Obama years – the FBI operated under AG Eric Holder and then AG Loretta Lynch,  led by Robert Mueller and then Jim Comey.
So many really BIG investigations were either scuttled, whitewashed, or abandoned we really have to ask:  How deep does the corruption go?”

The October 1st Las Vegas Massacre killed 58 people – wounded or injured another 546, – some of whom have since ‘died’ under mysterious circumstances.  And now the FBI says it may take them until NEXT OCTOBER – to tell us what motivated the shooter…?  Something really smells.

We might also ask why some FBI Agents and attorneys haven’t stepped forward to spill the beans on the corruption.  Do they still live in fear of being assigned to Beirut,  – or simply being Arkancided by Hillary’s hit squad?

We know that Comey, Mueller, and McCabe are dirty.  

We knew years ago that Holder and Lynch were racists and anti-American,…and seemingly in the game to enrich themselves….

Suddenly today we’re learning that AG Jeff Sessions is having investigators take a fresh look at both the Uranium One deal and the Hezbollah Drug Smuggling operation which Obama, Kerry, and Comey stifled.

There are people who have been calling themselves “Public Servants” and “Law Enforcement Officers” – – who are anything but….

.they are criminals – organized criminals – with badges and FISA Warrants.   And they think their hatred of Donald Trump is justification for dirty deeds and treason.

They need to be sitting in prison!

So,…I have a New Year’s wish….

3 Responses to “How Deep Does The FBI Corruption Run?”

  1. Sherox

    Follow the money. Uranium one.

  2. Vince Picarello

    The corruption in government is pervasive…we might need a revolution to clean out the swamp.

  3. Panther 6

    Sherox is correct, follow the money. I sincerely hope that Vince is not correct that we will need a revolution to turn things around and really drain the swamp. I sense some progress and hope that 2018 will see some real gains. There does need to be a cleansing of the FBI in order to return to its iconic image.