How Bad Can Obama Appointees Be?

Posted June 2nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

TSA’s Acting Administrator, Melvin J. Carraway, – held that top job just 173 days – and has now been bounced down stairs after his own audit proved that TSA agents failed 67 of 70 smuggling tests – that’s a 96% failure rate.
TSA Carraway
At least the TSA was actually conducting tests to see if you could smuggle deadly devices – grenades, bombs, guns, etc, past the checkpoints and onto the airplanes.

TOKEN FAILURE:  You’ll recall back 5 years ago when Janet Napolitano was recruiting TSA agents with ads on pizza boxes?  We chided TSA Administrator Gail D. Rossides for a complete lack of judgment and suggested then that the pizza box troll would produce lackluster results.

At the time the unemployment rate in the Baltimore-DC area was running in excess of 10%…

…there HAD to be better ways to find trainees!

TSA Pizza Boxes

That top job at TSA has turned over several times. We might suspect it is both thankless, – and that both Napolitano and her replacement, – AA/EEO token Jeh Johnson – are not good bosses….

Mel Carraway rose to become head of the Indiana State Police before joining TSA in 2004 – under G. W. Bush.  He was Western District chief….

In July 2014 Jeh Johnson promoted him to Deputy Administrator, – and this past January to Acting Administrator.

Just last week Mel was playing the Obama game of not cooperating with the Republican Congress.

He REFUSED to come and testify about TSA problems before Jason Chaffetz and the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Seems the Obama Cartel doesn’t want anything to do with Jews or Israel – and the other person invited to discuss airport security was Rafi Ron of New Age Security Solutions – a private security company operating at Dulles Airport.

Obama’s problem with Rafi…? Rafi was formerly head of security at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv – where there used to be a history of suicide attacks.

And Obama hates Jews and Israel, – so Mel was told not to go testify,  – not to be seen sitting as an equal authority next to Rafi….

How damned petty can you get Obama?

Now in the wake of the 97% test failure – Mel won’t have to testify.  He’s been demoted to Liaison with Law Enforcement…. I think it means he answers phone calls.

The old Frank Sinatra tune comes to mind…. “riding high in April, – shot down in May!”

Ask yourselves America:  We know that Obama is in way over his head;….at what point was Mel Carraway promoted 2 notches above HIS Peter Principle…?

How long has our flying safety been at risk?

Are we seeing the accumulation of unintended consequences which started with the appointments of Janet Napolitano and Gail Rossides,…and the pizza box hiring troll…?

At what point do the political imperatives of AA/EEO trump common sense and aviation safety?  Maybe when you’re sitting on that airplane?

5 Responses to “How Bad Can Obama Appointees Be?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Obama is an equal employee. He only hires minorities who have been the benefactors of minority employment assistance. Usually not the lightest bulb on the candelabra, but well versed in the cartel talking points. Had this occurred under the Bush administration, the cries for heads to roll would have been off the charts.

  2. Jim Gettens

    OK, let me try to get this straight–TSA is incompetent, the IRS, BATF, DHS, DHHS, and EPA are rogue agencies/departments, BUT we are supposed to TRUST the NSA/FBI/CIA/DIA/DEA when it comes to massive, secretive domestic spying…

  3. Iron Mike

    No Jim, we don’t trust any of those government agencies. At best they’re mostly no better than the C students in high school who couldn’t qualify for the military, – and couldn’t get good jobs in business or industry.

    At WORST, they fall victim to sleazy politicians using them as “employment” for their lackluster supporters. So they’ll feel up your tighty whities looking for a bomb, and piss you off. Then they’ll check Grandma too…

    As for domestic spying, – we need to get past ‘political correctness’ – and authorize targeted spying. After all, the Presbyterians aren’t sitting in church shouting “Death to America!”

  4. Jim Gettens


    After BARACK HUSSEIN Obama and his crew leave the White House maybe we can get back to focusing on the actual suspect 7th Century troglodyte sub-population you allude to… Gee, they just got another one in Roslindale, MA, this morning… The 72 MALE virgins await…

  5. Robert Cappucci

    These bad appointees and policies are really only the tip of the iceberg. The next President, God willing a conservative, is really going to have his or her hands full to undo all Obama and his henchmen have done. Mark Levin often talks about the first couple of years working in the Reagan Administration and how much it took to unravel all of the inner bad workings from the Carter Administration.