Houston, We Have A Problem, – AGAIN!

Posted September 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee holds a press briefing on her frustrations over passing gun control legislation.  It seems those Republicans in the Senate have actually read our Constitution, and understand their role as the Senior Legislative Body.

At one point she proposes that House Members storm the Senate Chamber.

NOBODY in Jackson-Lee’s office entourage is going to correct her on the blunders she made today,  – today or ever.  She’s the Queen Bee of Blackness – a Legend in her own mind.

Jackson-Lee ALWAYS buys into the latest craze and National Media Hysteria.

After the August 2014 shooting of Black Thug Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer he was attacking,  the left-wing media (encouraged by Obama) spread the lie about “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot”.

A grand jury later proved that at no time did Brown EVER have his hands up,  – he was trying to grab the cop’s pistol.

But there was Sheila – on the Floor of the House – reciting the lie.

NOW PONDER THIS:  For a woman who has PROVEN that she DOESN’T TRUST the POLICE, – WHY would she want people to give up their arms?

Is she a convert?  Are the Police now reliable and trustworthy in her 2019 viewpoint,  – where just five short years ago she thought cops woke up each morning intent on killing young Blacks?

Don’t expect either logic or honest discussion from Jackson-Lee.

She didn’t achieve 24 years seniority in the House by either logic or honesty.  She’s simply a Black Poverty Pimp,  trading empty promises and anti-white anger for votes in Houston’s poor Black neighborhoods.

She has STATUS!  She’s an Overseer on the Democrat’s Black Voter Plantation, – and she cracks the whip!

2 Responses to “Houston, We Have A Problem, – AGAIN!”

  1. Hawk1776

    Probably after she dies too. Houston voters are almost as dumb as Massachusetts Democrats.

  2. Vic

    sounds like she was describing a Ma Deuce!


    Either way Vic, she was lying. If she was describing a Barrett Cal .50 long range sniper rifle – she STILL isn’t strong enough to have held it.

    Barrett Cal .50 Sniper Rifle