House Speaker Boehner MUST GO!

Posted September 3rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Unforgivable gutless cave-in and betrayal!  Must have been blackmailed like John Roberts!Boehner Must Go 
Breaking: Speaker Boehner will back Obama’s bombing of Syria – ignores his role in upholding our Constitution. Ohio 8th District needs a real Republican candidate – one that can’t be blackmailed or bought – TODAY!  Hey Mister Speaker – what’s Obama got on you?  [ NOTE: total lack of respect in Susan LIAR Rice’s eyes…]  

Ohio 8th CD  DUMP Boehner

3 Responses to “House Speaker Boehner MUST GO!”

  1. Harry Huckum

    John McCain needs to retire as he is clearly suffering from dementia.

  2. CajunCountry

    There most likely was an agreement to also raise the debt ceiling to pay for this which I wouldn’t doubt was the the original plan.

    Would anyone like to guess how many billions this will cost the taxpayers. Of course when it is over Obama will need another vacation. It will be so taxing!

  3. Casey Chapman

    We need to get Pelosi, Reid, Graham, and Schummer out of office a.s.a.p. Followed by making it illegal for so many czars to be in the pResident’s cabinet. They were never vetted by Congress, and never elected. And as far as Boehner is concerned, I an SICK AND TIRED of having a Speaker of the house with the backbone of a chocolate elair!!!!!!