House Holds Firm on $14.3 Trillion Debt

Posted May 31st, 2011 by Iron Mike

Holy Ship!

The US House of Representatives voted tonight and rejected an opportunity to raise our Debt Ceiling.

The vote was 31897 – 7 – 9. That’s a pretty strong rejection of increasing debt.

No Republicans voted to increase the Debt Ceiling. 82 Dems voted with 236 Republicans to hold the lid.

Our Massachusetts MoonBats were 90% predictable.

Only newly elected William Keating voted with the Republicans.

Cowardly Tierney did not vote [probably busy laundering some more off-shore money]; and the remaining eight all voted to raise the debt. Remember that when they come around again talking about ‘responsible government’.

These government financial geniuses have figured out that ‘good government’ somehow justifies borrowing more so we can spend more – and somehow this will magically get us out of debt.

Makes you wonder if they’re working for us, the Chinese, or George Soros.

Somebody ask Niki Tsongas how much debt she thinks we can safely carry. Then ask to use one of her credit cards.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts!

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