Horror & Madness At Las Vegas Concert

Posted October 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Details developing….

Paddock “has a criminal past” – and “was known to police”…

UPDATE:   9:20 AM Mon 2 Oct 2017   Police report Paddock shot himself as they were breaking into his 32nd floor hotel room.   Was in possession of “…more than 10 rifles…”.


UPDATE:   1:15 PM Mon 2 Oct 2017   Death Toll at 58number wounded / hurt at 500.

Folks, as once again the Left cranks up their anti-Gun / anti-NRA drumbeat,  take into consideration the numbers out of Democrat-controlled Chicago:

As gruesome and despicable as this Vegas Massacre is,  – it’s been going on month-upon-month in Chicago – FOR YEARS!!!  Look at the sidebar to your left.

Why haven’t you heard about it…? 

Because it’s almost entirely Black-on-Black murder – south side street gangs,  – and it doesn’t fit the racist Democrat Party narrative.  

Easily ignored and not reported at 6 PM.

Stephen’s daddy was categorized by the FBI as psychopathic…

7 Responses to “Horror & Madness At Las Vegas Concert”

  1. Catherine

    Too bad he did not START his spree with himself.

  2. Kojack

    It was without question fully-automatic fire. Someone should tell the lefties that full-auto weapons are already banned.

    This took some time to carefully plan out which means it’s highly unlikely that Paddock suddenly snapped. Furthermore, it was a country music concert which are normally attended by a majority of patriotic, conservative leaning Americans.

    I believe we are going to learn that Paddock was either a lefty like the one who shot Steve Scalise or a recent convert to the religion of peace.

  3. Catherine

    Thomson Reuters is now reporting that ISIS is claiming responsibility, and that this was carried out by a recent convert.

    URL: http://news.trust.org/item/20171002142139-okyax

    Also folks found related bits on the internet from the scumbag’s “girlfriend”; now scrubbed (of course) and I no longer recall where archive web site info is stored.

  4. Hawk1776

    I can’t wait to find out how he obtained automatic weapons. They had to be illegal or else someone modified them to fire on automatic. Of course the Democrats have already called for more gun control.

  5. Sherox

    Automatic weapons are legal in NV:


  6. Catherine

    At time stamp 4:55 watch; you can see the flashes from shots. Those are NOT up high enough to be 32nd floor.


  7. Catherine

    For Sherox: whether or not automatics are legal in NV, one must first have a federal license, or no one will sell you one. Those federal licenses are very expensive and take a LONG time to get. They do a very detailed background check and I doubt anyone whose parent was on an FBI list in the past would EVER get one.