Horror in Red Sox Nation!

Posted August 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Beloved announcer’s son arrested for murder. Steroids claim yet another life.Remy Father & Son
Jarod Remy – who had a Red Sox clubhouse job for some years courtesy of his legendary dad – former 2nd Baseman and current TV announcer Jerry Remy – founder of “Red Sox Nation” – just ended one life, and ruined many others.

Seems young Jarod was fired back in 2009 – part of a steroids investigation.

Tuesday he was arrested for assault of his girlfriend Jennifer Martel, but released ROR ‘Released on Own Recognizance’. Jennifer and Arianna Remy

There’s a judge who needs to be outed! 

Jarod has a history of beating girlfriends. Thursday night he stabbed his current one Jennifer Martel multiple times – to death, essentially orphaning their daughter Arianna.

This will likely end dad’s broadcasting career – a loss for all of us.

Can’t wait for someone to tell me that steroids are a ‘harmless matter of personal choice’.

How soon will the anti-Knife movement be demanding that knife owners go through a background check?

Did Jennifer even own a gun – and would she have been able to defend herself with it?

Arianna, Jerry, and the Martel Family, – we grieve your loss.  Jarod, – you had it all too good, – you blew it all.  You’re an unworthy asshole.

UPDATE:   27 May 2014   Remy – age 35 – pleaded guilty in Middlesex Superior Court – Judge Kathy Tuttman gave him the mandatory LIFE without possibility of parole.

We can only hope some future Mass Supreme Judicial Court doesn’t rule that such sentences are cruel and unusual….

2 Responses to “Horror in Red Sox Nation!”

  1. haddanuff

    This is so sad, bad, and more, but why does it mean his father will lose his job, and PLEASE OUT THE JUDGE. Judges hand out restraining orders like candy, and destroy people’s lives by doing so, and then violating and incarcerating innocent people when they show up at the grocery store, not knowing their false accuser is there. In this case it sounds like the exact opposite happened, i.e., there was more than enough reason to keep him “in”, and because of connections perhaps? he was released to commit murder. People need to know the abuse going on the courts with corrupt, or inept judges with no accountability. I look forward to more information on this story.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I really hope that the Red Sox will have the gonads NOT to fire the father for the son’s sins. Jarod obviously never learned any morals. Or if he had them at one point, the steroids helped him to lose them. Sad.