Hong Kong Sends Xi A MESSAGE!

Posted November 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Even with the Red Chinese People’s Army poised just across the border, – the people of Hong Kong came by the millions to vote for Democracy and Freedom.
These people knew that just by voting, – the Red Chinese would have their names for punishment, – if President Xi chooses to send his army in to crush the colony.  They voted anyway!

And they sent the Commies in Beijing one hell of a message:  Leave us alone – or show the world your true colors by sending in your troops to create a bloodbath!

This morning Xi has a problem – actually two of them:

    • how to “save face” and not look like young people defeated him… 
    • and how to be sure this damned Democracy Movement doesn’t spread to his mainland!

If you know young people (or aging Woodstock hippies) who are Bernie fans – who believe that some sort of Socialism or Communism are the only ‘fair ways’ to deal with ‘income disparity’……

talk to them about what the voters of Hong Kong did – literally under the guns of the Chinese Army.

Ask them how many people are making rafts to sail from Miami and Key West to Cuba.

习近平 计算错误 

2 Responses to “Hong Kong Sends Xi A MESSAGE!”

  1. Sherox

    And look at our young people, dying for socialism. They are totally against the kind of government that these kids are willing to die for so we know it’s not an age thing. It’s an understanding of reality that our youth are devoid of completely.

  2. Tom Callinan (Marine Vet)

    Watching the grit and determination of the young people of Hong Kong, in the face of overwhelming odds against them is inspirational, and something to celebrate as Thanksgiving approaches.

    It would be great if our many brainwashed young people here at home could embrace the positive and unifying aspects of FREEDOM – especially the freedom to disagree respectfully with those holding differing perspectives.