Hong Kong: Looming Bloodbath?

Posted August 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Chinese emperors have never been able – never even been willing – to deal with autonomous tribes or people used to enjoying Freedom.  A series of missteps has placed Hong Kong in the Dragon’s Mouth,  – and we wait to see if he will bite down hard.

For thousands of years,  Chinese Emperors could do as they pleased – with nobody watching or giving a damn.  In the 21st Century – Xi risks having his Central Committee replace him – overnight.

Emperor Xi has miscalculated, – mostly because he doesn’t understand why those 7.5 million Chinese in Hong Kong want to remain free of his daily decrees…

And his only tool – the only one he knows how to use, – is his Army – patterned after the US Army – and paid for by America’s decades-long trade imbalance.

Now the extra US Dollar$ aren’t flowing in (thanks to Trump) – and the people of Hong Kong have recently turned out into the streets several million strong.   They’ve even shut down the airport.

What is his plan?   Will he use gas, – or just shoot them?

Any hope Emperor Jinping had to become a dominant regional power – stretching from East Africa to Hawaii, – may soon be ground under the feet of the Hong Kong protesters, – and drowned in the blood flowing in those streets.

And it will all be streamed live around the world…

The great irony is that his easiest way out may be to ask Trump for some high-profile diplomatic help.

Young Americans watching these events unfold should reflect on why our Founding Fathers gave us our 2nd Amendment,  – and what a turn to “socialism” would really mean for America.

One Response to “Hong Kong: Looming Bloodbath?”

  1. Leonard Mead

    I don’t think China will risk worldwide pictures of tanks or troops crushing Hong Kong “freedom” fighters.

    Leaders will start to “disappear” with their families in the night — never to be seen again.

    Len Mead


    You’re right Len, it would be very poor public relations if they crush yet another uprising – this one is a supposedly independent and autonomous region. And only a fool sends a foot army into a land of skyscrapers….

    The Emperor needs to find a graceful way to de-escalate and save face.