Homeless Mob Scares Democrat Mayor

Posted January 23rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

The bachelor mayor has been in office just over a year,  – and has allowed a homeless encampment to fester on the lawn of City Hall.  He walked past them every day.  When you ignore civil disobedience and crime,  – you embolden it….

How long did he really think they’d be content to “peacefully co-exist”?

If wealthy and middle-class liberals won’t tolerate the homeless setting up camps on the grounds of their gated mansions and exclusive suburbs,  – why do they expect us to tolerate these camps on city lawns and parks,  – and along our freeways?

Elitist double standards?

Democrat politicians only see the problems they want to see,  – and their ONLY solutions are to CONTROL your LIVES as they add additional TAXES.

Maybe Inslee and Fleetwood need new glasses…? 

And maybe the stupid liberals on the Communist Coast need to stop voting for Democraps?

Your states are bankrupt,  – in LOCKDOWN, –  your teachers are still being paid to make videos from home, …and you STILL want to vote for these unicorn ranchers?

One Response to “Homeless Mob Scares Democrat Mayor”

  1. Jim Buba

    New Glasses? ‘Smatter, they run out of Rose