Holly Paz Fesses Up

Posted June 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Confession is good for the soul; – and for book and movie deals…
Holly Paz Movie

Are Obama’s Hollywood supporters quietly offering her a package deal – in exchange for her claiming to be the ‘end of the trail‘?

It would be relatively easy to make a movie about the events of 2009-2013, with so much publicly available news footage about TEA Party gatherings.

It could easily be converted into a false-narrative docudrama, wherein the IRS agents are trying to ‘protect the intent and spirit of the 501(c)4 law’, – and the TEA Parties get cast as racist old white guys – with guns of course.

Tea Party Bastards


And all this just in time for Hillary’s run…. 

And it will work too,  because most low-information voters will totally believe what they see on the big screen,

– since they totally ignore the news.

One Response to “Holly Paz Fesses Up”

  1. Kojack

    Unfortunately nobody will be impeached or fired as a result of these scandels. The GOP has no stones, the socialists/marxists have no ethics or values and the dumbocrats who support them have no brains.