Holly Maddux Was A Pretty Girl!

Posted April 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Your local school and/or your local Democrats will likely celebrate “Earth Day” today,  – usually with projects designed to promote awareness of how fragile Mother Nature is.

They’re unlikely to tell your children about Ira Einhorn,  – or what happened to his girlfriend Holly Maddux….  Why would they?
They want the fraud to live on.   They need you to believe in it.

Ira was a wheeler-dealer (bullshit artist) who seemingly could coax political money from big corporations – “to save the earth”.

And he had a beautiful and adoring girlfriend – Holly Maddux…..

Until the day in 1977 he killed her,..- and stuffed her in a trunk in his Philadelphia apartment,..- and took off for France,…where he hid out for 20 years….

Holly was found rotting (composting) after 18 months….

Liberals STILL want you to take Global Warming seriously – as Einhorn rots away in a Pennsylvania prison for the elderly….

.and they’ll never tell you the truth about either Einhorn or Global Warming.

The KEY LESSON you should learn from EARTH DAY:

Be sure to responsibly recycle and compost your Democrats,….so that someday they will be good for something.

UPDATE:   Saturday PM 22 April 2017   The Commies are still at it!   Now they’re calling it a “March for Science”.  The fat bald guy lecturing the useful idiots is US Congressman Jim McGovern[ment] – Castro’s special friend – and lifelong government employee.

The pathetic part – – is these useful idiots think they’re saving the world from Donald Trump!



3 Responses to “Holly Maddux Was A Pretty Girl!”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    I remember seeing Holly Maddux’s murder, and Einhorn’s arrest and subsequent disappearance, presented repeatedly on John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted. Wikipedia’s page on Einhorn details the endless legal maneuvering that Einhorn’s lawyer pursued to protect him from being extradited from France back to the US.

  2. integrity 1st

    are you saying HE spearheaded the first earth day? THAT is relevant and Historic to such an event for sure!


    Look it up M’Dear. He took a lot of corporate donations, ran the event, and kept a wad to live on for the year…. It was all a con….and still is.

  3. Vic

    In 1970 he said the Earth had five years to live. David Bowie immortalised it with his song “Five Years.”
    Earth Day, also Comrade Lenin’s birthday.