Holder’s DOJ LGBT Sticker Campaign

Posted May 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Gay Rights agenda run amok – Eric Holder creates hostile work environment for people of faith.Bobby Cringing

Did this start out as a good idea, – and get carried way too far?

Take your 1st Amendment Rights… – and cover them with this sticker!

DOJ personnel WILL welcome and celebrate gay and cross-dressing co-workers,“…DON’T judge or remain silent.  Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.” 

Instructions emailed to DOJ managers:  LGBT Inclusion at Work:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers.  Is this the kind of workplace bullying that Americans voted for…?

Gee, being so busy sponsoring stuff like this, – no wonder Eric Holder can’t seem to remember little details like discussing and signing that wiretap warrant for James Rosen….

3 Responses to “Holder’s DOJ LGBT Sticker Campaign”

  1. Casey Chapman

    And the IRS is still harassing conservative groups. I just saw on Fox News, a letter of audit that was sent to a group on May 6th of this year. Lies,Lies,Lies,Lies.

  2. Walter Knight

    I wonder how many small people got audited, like authors or bloggers. Should we be afraid to write a letter to the editor?

    Liberals have already tried intimidating conservatives by demonstrating in front of their houses or workplaces. It’s only natural they would use government to harass opponents, too.

    I recently saw a resume rejected because a man got his PHD from Oral Roberts University. This sort of liberal bias is commonplace.

  3. Walter Knight

    Is it just me, or does Eric Holder look like Oprah’s husband?