Holder Lying? His LIPS Are MOVING!

Posted March 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

How screwed are we when our chief law enforcement officer is a serial liar and career left-wing activist?

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder before Darrell Issa’s committee on Feb 29th.

This is the same lying bastard who when he was Janet ‘Waco’ Reno’s DepAG worked obsessively for two years to get a Presidential Pardon for the Puerto Rican terrorists FALN – who had killed six people and injured and maimed over fifty people in over 100 bombings in the 1960s and 70s.

He also worked to free members of another terrorist group – the Macheteros, who had murdered people in Puerto Rico with machetes. He fired staffers who objected, ordered reports altered, and never met with the bombing victims.

FALN - Macheteros - Denise and Marc Rich

And he smoothed the pardon of Marc Rich, the fugitive millionaire who owed $48 million in unpaid taxes and who had traded oil to Iran during the US embargo. Holder later claimed ‘he hadn’t seen the whole case file’.

And of course this is the same Eric Holder suing Arizona, Texas, Alabama, and Georgia for their attempts to enforce US immigration laws which the Obama Cartel had decided to ignore.

And yes, the same Eric Holder who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation.

What will it take to get the TRUTH out of Holder, – water-boarding?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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