Hold Your Breath Herald Employees!

Posted February 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Your once-proud Conservative-leaning paper has been sold to the highest bidder – and he likes to strip newspapers…

The Herald’s headline announced the sale to Digital First Media,  – but they’re owned by reclusive billionaire Randall Duncan Smith,  founder of Alden Global Capital, LLC.   Randall – cares a LOT MORE about MONEY (
and shielding his assets)(Palm Beach mansions) than he does about journalism.

FOX BUSINESS NEW YORK  Wed, 20 Nov 2019  GateHouse closed its $1.1 billion takeover of USA Today publisher Gannett,  becoming the country’s largest newspaper company by far and pledging significant cost cuts (aka LAYOFFS) at a time when print publications are in precipitous decline.

The merger brings together about 260 daily papers, including the Arizona Republic,  the Providence Journal,  and the Austin American-Statesman,  as well as hundreds of weeklies.

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  1. Catherine

    More reason than ever to support (and subscribe to) the Boston Broadside!