Ho Hum, Yet Another MassGOP Scandal

Posted September 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Nothing new here Folks,  – just FAKE Republicans acting like privileged Democrats – as usual.   “Screw the peasants!”
Leo Roy and Fat Matt Sisk
Only unthinking and tone-deaf assholes like Chocolate Pants and Matt Sisk could turn our Fourth of July into a political embarrassment and a further tarnishing of the MassGOP’s tawdry public image.

No wonder so many Massachusetts voters loathe the Republican Party here – and register themselves as “unenrolled”.

Leo Roy sworn in by Charlie Baker


Simple enough – they wanted to show off how they’d achieved top insider status under the Baker Administration.  

Ron Kaufman MassGOP RasputinThey borrowed Ron Kaufman’s home on Beacon Street to host a party for important state officials on July 3rd,  – then transported their guests directly to a VIP spot in front of the Pops Stage.



….just like Democrats!

Did either one stopped for a moment to THINK about ethics or appearances?

Nah! I don’t know Roy,  – but I’ve known Sisk for years.   He was likely so excited to be in a high-visibility position of ‘importance’ – in front of all these important and connected people,  – that his fat rolls must have been quivering!


Roy and Sisk got wrist-slaps. Each suspended 1 week w/ out pay,  and forced to cough up the cost of the party,  the golf carts,  the invitations,  and the state Conservation & Recreation employees detailed to drive their VIP guests.

Oh,…and they have to take an ethics course…..

Sisk has had an undistinguished career as junior horse-holder to petty bureaucrats,  – spending 11 years first in the General Services Administration,  then the Small Business Administration,  and lately he got appointed by Charlie Baker as Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Recreation,  – so he can go fishing on government time.

Matt Sisk career government dweeb

Imagine that – a ‘Republican’ – whose whole career is working petty government jobs…?

Sisk has stood firm against traditional Republican values – was quoted in 2014 by the media after a MassGOP platform vote: “This is the Republican Party of Massachusetts; it’s not the Republican Party of Alabama!”

TRANSLATION:   Sisk and his MassGOP fakes have ZERO INTEREST in standing up for core Republican and core Conservative – or even core Christian values.

Sisk wasn’t going to risk the wrath of his day job government bosses [Democrats] by leading the charge against abortion or the Massachusetts LGTB In-Your-FACE agenda.   And he’ll push his considerable weight around to bully anybody who upsets that go-along applecart.

So when his new boss Commissioner Leo Roy asked him to organize the July 3rd Party – Sisk was ALL OVER IT!

Matt Sisk not ethical

Thankfully, Channel 5 caught them…..

Rented Golf Carts

Massachusetts hasn’t had a REAL Republican Party for decades.  It was thoroughly infiltrated by FAKES – sometimes called RiNOs – whose mission was to PRETEND to be Republicans, – while working for left-wing Progressive Ideals.

Weld, Romney, Chocolate Pants, Sisk, Party Chair Barbie, Runty Maginn, the Mouseketeer, Momma Kangas are all part of the FAKE Republican mob of Progressives.


DON’T BE FOOLED by what they CALL themselves,  – look at their ACTIONS and their ROUTINE SILENCE.

Have you heard ANY of those back-stabbing perverts speak out against the bathroom bill – or against Maura Healey’s unconstitutional gun grab?

You WON’T! Our MassGOP Chair – aka the Mouseketeer – is outspokenly gun-phobic and anti-gun herself,…and by now most of you know what a complete liberal pussy Charlie Baker is. In the Colony where Patriots once mustered and stood against the King of England, our leaders now stand AGAINST US!

Leo Roy DCR Commissioner

A SILENT Republican might as well be a DEAD one!

BTW,   Leo is such a fine ‘Republican’ that he donated heavily to Dems Tom Calter,  Karen Spilka,  and Deval Patrick….   WHERE do you find them Charlie?

And of course the Chair of the MassGOP was there – the Mouseketeer and her little mice.  Probably so caught up in the swirl she never asked the questions about ETHICS.  Despite claiming to be an attorney, – probably never even crossed her mind as she rode the golf cart….to the VIP reserved area….

Mouseketeer at the Pops

THIS Folks – is the definition of Brain-DEAD Bimbo!

UPDATE:   Monday 5 Sept 2016  My computer skills being limited,  – this is the best I can do with the 200 guests – list obtained by the Herald:

If your so-called “Republican” is here – they are the wrong kind of Republican,  – and they are the REASON Charlie Baker feels no pressure to halt Maura Healey’s unconstitutional attempt to regulate your guns.

200 Sisk Roy July 3rd guests

UPDATE:   Late Friday afternoon 30 Sept 2016   Fat Matt Sisk [the fake Republican] has ‘resigned’ as Deputy Commissioner of the Dept of Conservation and Resignation.  Now will he resign from the MassGOP too…?

OF COURSE…it was more than “JUST THE PARTY”.


MORE SHOES DROP:   Mon 3 Oct 2016   Another FAT BOY fired!   DCR Fleet Director Michael D. Crowley ‘resigns’…. Hired under Baker for $72K,v – he’d previously been a state contractor… No reason yet revealed….(a matter of time)…  Yes, he was at the VIP Party – [see list above]


16 Responses to “Ho Hum, Yet Another MassGOP Scandal”

  1. sad4magop

    This is why Baker had to buy his state committee, with people like Ryan Chamberlain, Lisa Barstow, Reed Hillman and the like. People who are smart enough to know better, but who are without the backbone to stand up for what is right. Even though they know that Sisk is a joke, and Hughes is a laughing stock, you will never hear any of the many self-serving lackeys speak even a word of objection. So concerned are they for their own fortune and future that they are willing to set aside all that is right and just. Obviously self-respect is of no import to these dweebs.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Sisk–rewarded for rigging the 2014 MassGOP Convention delegate vote count for Charles Dooshnozzle Baker, Jr. Challenger Mark Fisher, in court challenge, then gets $410,000 (including attorney fees) from MassGOP.


  3. integrity 1st

    People need a summary of what went down at the convention, and the results, i.e., the outcome of the Fisher Lawsuit so GOP donors know where their money really went. Far too many good Republicans are clueless on the inside workings of the GOP and who is who. GO Mike, and/or Jim. Don’t assume the people who would care, know.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    It’s the age-old problem of leading horses to water…

    But for those who haven’t followed RRB these past eight painful years, – here are a few old issues worth reviewing:




    Further back in History – the Party Chair Barbie days…


    And finally,…this one comes with a puke-worthy video:


  4. President Matt

    In both political parties there is a divide between those that want to Be something and those that want to Do something. As much as I struggle against the progressive Do-ers they can earn a modicum of my respect. The Be-ers can’t, they are far worse. . They have no core values. They seek turn everything into profit for themselves and work only to advance their own interests. It is the Be-ers that give politics a bad name and make descent people turn away from public service. Our Governor has chosen to surround himself with be-ers. This scandal and others to come are the result. Scandal and distraction will turn more good people away from politics, and stop us from Doing what needs to be done in our Commonwealth, and our Nation

  5. JimBuba

    No surprise here folks. Baker hates Real Conservative Republicans so naturally, every one of his appointments will be a brain-dead RINO or ‘work-across-the-aisle’ democrat.

    Has anyone asked about the $1.3Billion Mass Health budget deficit? Did it finally make money or was it ‘lost’ in the $2.1B MBTA theft?

  6. Lonnie Brennan

    For years I observed MassGOP State Committee meetings at which Matt spent more time at the bar than in the meeting room.

    How many times was his name called to give a report, only to have him not be present?

    How many times did he say things such as “I tried to recruit kids on campuses but no one is interested”?

    He’s always managed to boot-up though.
    Glad to see he finally go the gastro-bypass (or whatever) because he’s now 1/2 his size, physically, but his ego is still as large as a blimp.

    The MassGOP should follow their own bylaws and REMOVE him from office immediately for the disgrace he has one again brought upon Republicans.

  7. sad4magop

    How would you like to be a Republican candidate running for office this fall? As soon as you try to own the issue of truth and integrity in government, your Democrat opponent points to Sisk and Roy.

    When you try to talk about one set of rules for the working guy, and one for the “beautiful people”, they point to Sisk and Roy.

    When you try to grab the issue of strong sentences for offenders, they point to Sisk and Roy. The weakness of Baker and Hughes will hurt our candidates in November.

  8. Kojack

    Its no mystery why so many conservatives in this state remain un-enrolled.

  9. corsair1021

    Sisk in charge of by-laws committee in the state committee and here he breaks the rules. He should be ousted from the by-laws committee and the state committee and his government job.

    There’s no integrity or confidence having a chair of by-laws who cannot follow the rules himself.

    If you cannot follow government rules, you should not have a government job. Plain and simple.

  10. Clinton ma tea party

    It’s time to impeach or recall this entire administration of Charley Baker’s. The people of the Commonwealth need to demand that the legislature does something to punish this wrongdoing.

  11. Clinton ma tea party

    Christy Mihos on Charlie Baker 2010.


  12. Lonnie Brennan

    So tell me, how many State Reps. attended?

    I see Normal Orall was invited. His wife: Keiko….

    Interesting how many prolific FaceBook posters just happened to miss posting anything on that one day (or pulled the postings off Facebook). Guilty feeling?

  13. DCR Employee

    They should also investigate Jonathan Yeo, John Scannell and Scott Murphy from DCR Water Supply protection located in West Boylston. These guys are thieves that misappropriated millions of dollars and continue to steal from the public. They use vehicles, boats, and take tools home, they make up stories and terminate individuals that challenge them after they gather in their Beaman Street offices.

    Case and point; Scott Murphy stealing metal from a work site(Made thousands).Contracts given to his hunting buddies(United rental) and (addeco) … Nepotism; By hiring family and absolutely no minorities. God forbid the guy is confronted. He is drunk because he spends the majority of his time in the bar O’Conners in Worcester.
    Jonathan Yeo taking his vehicle out of state to a casino; After a contract deal with the owner of Aherns equipment.
    Then their is John Scannell, a guy who has had man on man relationships while on job time at River Road in West Boylston Massachusetts. Guy is married with kids, wtf ;Caught on MWRA cameras.
    That guys conviently purchases 2 airboats for 300,000 after heading to Chicago and took his family on DCR dime. Note Mr Scannell has a son that goes to college out there.
    I can go on and on and on.
    People that is your tax dollars at work and they control the water you drink.
    So Sisk, Roy are the tip of the iceberg. Contact Carol Sanchez she can confirm what I am saying. That is why she left. I was in the meetings where they planned to set the lady up. They had a meeting on how to get rid of the spic. They are horrible thieves that run the place like the mob and if you mess with them they all refer how they know or are related to Whitey Bulgar. Disgusting people, best buddies to Sisk and Roy, Huge supporters of the GOP and bleeding every penny from the system. I stake my life on my words. These are just a few examples people of a ton more things.
    They drink, steal and hump on your tax payer dime People.

  14. corsair1021

    Sisk resigned – typical late Friday dump of bad news hoping no one sees it !

  15. Jim Buba

    Ah, well, looking beyond this ‘bump in the road’ to the next pothole.

  16. Leonard Mead

    Am laughing loudly and repeatedly in Vegas overlooking the strip at Mike’s wry description of MA RINO follies!
    When I go home, it will be to swing-state FLORIDA. WHEEEE!
    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative, Florida