History Lesson: Islam’s Greatest Invention

Posted March 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Funny thing about the TRUTH,  – it doesn’t fade with time,  even when some people want it to.

William “Wild Bill” Finlay posted this a few years back,…and with the coming of the Spring protest season on college campuses,…it’s worth refreshing your memory and your storehouse of facts.
And BTW,  the Left truly hates this guy!

If you have time,  here is Pat Condell – a British atheist with a slightly different take on the subject.

Yeah,…the Left hates Pat too….

As soon as tomorrow’s snow is cleared from the college campuses across the land,…the left-wing groups will renew their perennial attacks on Israel in support of the “Palestinians”….

Few of the students and fewer of their professors will have ever studied the History of the Middle East – either the ancient history,  – the Ottoman Empire,…or the modern history; – because armed with their Degrees in Know-it-All,…facts really don’t matter to them.


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