His Legend: Lame Duck Procrastinator

Posted August 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Some images stick in your brain forever; – Nero fiddling as Rome burned, Christ carrying his cross up Calvary Hill, JFK in Dealey Plaza, – Obama’s summer vacation.Obama Lame Duck Procrastinator
If the rumors and leaks are true, – he wavered and vacillated over a month before approving a rescue mission, When he finally OKed it, the intelligence had degraded and the captives moved. This and Benghazi are Obama’s legacy – treason, ineptitude, indifference, and cover-up.

James Foley’s gift to America: shocking liberals into seeing the truth!

2 Responses to “His Legend: Lame Duck Procrastinator”

  1. Casey Chapman

    And the bombing of Syria that they are talking about doing, is just another attempt at bolstering his base and distracting us peons from the lack of border security and the degrading of our freedoms.

  2. Vic

    The Dems are worried about losing in November? Just start a War, that always works. “Don’t change horses in mid-stream”