His Greatest Crime: Eight Squandered Years

Posted January 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It’s damn near 50 years since that rifle shot in Memphis.  Fifty years since 40 American cities went up in flames….

Then came the man with the power and the opportunity to finally heal those wounds,…and he squandered it, – – setting us back those fifty years….

I joined the Army in the midst of the Civil Rights Marches across the South, a time when the best and bravest of the Black Community were standing and marching in quiet, peaceful defiance of 90 years of Jim Crow segregation.

They faced an entrenched and intransigent White Southern mentality determined to cling to segregated schools, lunch counters, city buses, and drinking fountains.

The Army was having none of it.  We were all OD – Olive Drab,  and very quickly individuals who didn’t ‘get it’ were squared away – or sent home with bad discharges.

Soon the Cuban Missile Crisis drove home the message, – if we had to go,  – we’d all be fighting together.  The Cubans and the Russians didn’t give a damn about our skin color,  – just our marksmanship,  – and our artillery.

Across the South – slowly – – very slowly,…the old order was dying out and merchants were realizing that the Black Community’s money was just as spendable as the White’s money.

And then came April 4th 1968 – in Memphis….and all Hell broke loose!

Obama came into office with a clear anti-police agenda and mindset. 

The two Black Attorney Generals he appointed – Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch shared his view,  – and every time a Black criminal died while in police custody,  – they went to extremes to blame the police and fan the flames of racial discord.  The three of them – along with Obama’s racist wife,  – set race relations back at least two generations.

For all of Obama’s many sins, crimes, and failings,  – History will look back at how he inherited the dream and the opportunity Dr. King died for,….

…and seems to have deliberately squandered it on a vastly different world-socialist agenda.

He took the Black vote and did NOTHING for them – except leave them frustrated and angry.

The great irony of the Obama era is that he was an ‘equal opportunity President’ –

– he used guilt-laden white people the same as he used hopeful aspiring Blacks – – to get elected ONLY!

MLK would have been furious with an American President who openly favored illegal immigrants over poor inner city Blacks living on the welfare cycle of dependency.

3 Responses to “His Greatest Crime: Eight Squandered Years”

  1. Kojack

    OBYSMAL doesn’t give a damn about race relations, blacks, dreamer’s, woman, America or anyone/anything else. He only cares about 2 things: ISLAM because he is a MUSLIM and COMMUNISM because he is a COMMUNIST and he INTENDED to reverse the progress made in race relations as part of the divide and conquer strategy that STALIN, MAO and other EVIL-DOERS have used through-out history.

  2. Sherox

    The Democrat machine worked as LB Johnson wanted and so many are clueless that they are working against themselves.

  3. Panther 6

    Barack Hussein Obama set race relations back 75 years and most folks do not recognize that fact. He was our first and I pray last muslim President. LBJ used our black citizens for his and the Demorat parties advancement. Frankly he re-enslaved our African American citizens in many ways,,,, tying them to the GOVT plantation and free stuff. They suffer today because of it. And BHO could have helped turn that around,,,but did not.