Hillary’s Terrible Two Week Ordeal

Posted July 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Between the RNC this week in Cleveland, and the DNC next week in Philly, Hillary will likely chew a whole bottle of Tums.
Hillary's terrible two weeks
Every lie,  every evil deed,  – and every political blunder she’s ever pulled will be flashed on the big screen for all the world to see,  – and for the younger generation (aka Bernie’s Millennials) to learn about for the first time.  But it gets worse

This week the left-wing media will attempt to distract from the facts inside the Quicken Arena, – and draw viewer attention to any and all protests and violence OUTSIDE – trying to say that Trump’s very personality causes ‘good people’ to come and riot.

But millennials don’t generally watch the networks;  – they follow social media,…and without their Socialist High Priest to vote for,  – some are actually looking for the truth.

Any and all disruptive or violent protests outside the arena will actually give credence to Trump’s claim of being the Law and Order Candidate – since it will be happening on Obama’s watch.

As for Obama and Joe Biden, – – you don’t think they’ll be able to keep their mouths shut, – do you…?
Know it all in Chief

Squaw wear DependsWith Mike Pence looking so serious and so fully qualified to be President,  – Hillary is under enormous pressure to name her own Vice President…..

but the Democrat Stable is pretty empty, – just shopworn socialist nags and geldings, – none popular, – and none able to bring in a significant voting block or swing state…

…every day the pressure mounts….

Senator Squaw must be wearing Depends under her buckskins….

You think Hillary is getting daily phone calls from Soros and Riyadh? Those folks want assurance they haven’t wasted their investment….

I’ll venture a few guesses….

Obama, Biden, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Pelosi, and Al Sharpton will NOT be able to keep their mouths shut…..and anything they say will make matters worse.

The various Black action groups – BLM, the New Black Panthers,  etc will all make the case that 7½ years of our ‘First Black President’ has produced nothing but backward steps for America’s Black working people,  – inflicting yet another generation of racial divide and economic slavery….and Hillary has no answers!

Hillary will not be able to offer JOBS next week, – the illegal immigrants have already come and taken them.

The only jobs Hillary ever created were for undertakers and grave diggers….

Jobs created by Hillary

Sadly, I predict that in these next two weeks there will likely be at least one more policeman ambushed by a hate-filled young Black man, – and another act of Islamic terrorism – here or overseas. Either one will highlight how feckless the Obama Cartel has been in dealing with race issues here and Radical Islamic Terrorism – here and overseas.

Trump-Pence will get a good bump in the polls this week, and are likely to climb steadily…. Hillary will get a much smaller bump next week,…then she’ll watch it melt away…. 

Her Arab money-backers are going to be PISSED!

The Media will ignore her poll numbers and attempt to brand Trump as a racist Neanderthal,  – probably all the way through his first term.

Chew those Tums Bitch!

2 Responses to “Hillary’s Terrible Two Week Ordeal”

  1. Varvara

    Poor Hillary….. YEAH !!

  2. Walter Knight

    At the convention there will be a camera following ‘bikers for Trump’ hoping for a ‘gotcha’ moment. It will be great reality TV. The upside is that ratings will be great, and Republicans will get a lot of air time to give their message.

    The airport will be on strike, and rioters will try to burn Cleveland down. Don’t worry, the Cleveland police won’t let that happen. I can’t say the same for next week in Fhilthy-delphia.