Hillary’s Record Of Supporting Women

Posted August 23rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

76,000,000 American women are of legal age to be President.
Yet Democrats could only find this one (1) out of 76 million?
12 year old rape victim
…and they seem to know so very little about her past.

If there is a Democrat – man or woman – who isn’t disturbed and sickened by this video, 

then it sort of proves that Democrats have no souls….

When you understand this story – from 1975, – you can begin to understand why Hillary was hardened early on to the whole issue of sex crimes and sex perverts,  – and why she was able to ‘stand by her man’ as he lied about having sex in the oval office.

She had already come to terms years before with Bill’s sexual adventures and his occasional rapes of subordinate women who worked for him…

.nothing matters anymore but retaining political power…..

Two Serial Liars

White House press statement Monday, 26 January 1998:  

“I did not have sex with that woman – Ms. Lewinsky…”

Whether the Clintons are lying to the public,  to Grand Juries,  to the FBI,  or to Congress,….it’s all the same to them.  

By now they probably believe some of their lies….

Clintons keep lying

Eight year of Bill’s liesPLUS eight years of Obama’s lies,…

 – and now “Democrats” want 4 more years of Hillary’s lies…?


Blood of Benghazi

How come Democrats don’t know about Obama’s scheme to smuggle arms out of Benghazi – to “the good Syrian Rebels” (ISIS)…

– which Hillary totally bungled by stripping their security…

– and got our four people killed?

4 Responses to “Hillary’s Record Of Supporting Women”

  1. Panther 6

    The woman is a liar and scum. End of story. Now she wants to be President????

  2. William Clark

    As I said Democrats can hold their nose and vote a candidate that is on message.

    Now the Donald was exposed for being $640 Million in debt, most to China and Russia.

    Trump down in Polls double digits in most battleground states.

    He has flipped on nearly every issue, most recently immigration.

    Hired “Breitbart” to run his campaign. David Duke has cheered the appointment now the campaign is a part of the Clan?

    Melania trying to squash rumors she was an escort.

    Still no Tax returns.

    Quite the mess – It’s great to watch.


    Billy-Boy – are you trolling the internet on company time again…?

    William Clark III

  3. John O'Mara

    For that RINO “Never Trump” crowd and the fence-sitters, pass along Don Feder’s American Thinker article:


  4. Jim

    Hillary is unfit to be a human, much less a candidate for President. This video proves her inhuman behavior and beliefs.