Hillary’s Evil Ambition Poisoned America!

Posted March 25th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Election of 2016 starkly revealed the kind of self-serving liars who were elevated to key roles in the FBI,  the Justice Department,  – and in our Media.

The Clintons were well known to many as evil – back in the 90s,….but America’s obsession with having a First Woman President seems to have overwhelmed any shred of common sense and judgment in nearly half our people.  The Swamp Creatures aided and abetted her,  – they expected to be rewarded.

As the TV folks were reading Attorney General Barr’s letter to the Congressional Leadership, – the famous words of Gerald Ford were echoing in my ears:

My Fellow Americans…

…our long national nightmare is over!”

It has been a nightmare – and an unnecessary one.

I cannot imagine what the entire Trump Family has been put through – because of the evil blind ambition of Bill and Hillary Clinton, – and the Swamp Creatures who had expected to be rewarded by her…

At any time Hillary could have put an END to the whole thing!

She could have stepped to a microphone – and admitted the entire FusionGP Golden Showers dossier had been just a cheap political trick….

But the woman who had pulled that cheap trick (the same woman who murdered Vince Foster and left 4 men to die in Benghazi),  – didn’t care enough about our Nation to admit the TRUTH, – and let our Country get on with rebuilding our economy, our military, and our southern border…

She is a ruthless, vindictive, and homicidal bitch.  Go Google ‘Arkancide‘! Count the names!

Just ~ imagine ~ how horrible a president she would have been!

She – AND ROBERT MUELLER – let this farce of a lynch-mob witch-hunt drag on for 29 months – through the 2018 mid-term elections.

If she couldn’t be the history-making First Woman President;  – then Trump, his family, and the entire nation should suffer!

If those 17 Clinton-loyalist lawyers working for Mueller could have found even a scrap of dirt on Trump – it would have been leaked a year ago….

Don’t ever believe Mueller is an honorable man – he isn’t. He’s the former FBI Director who signed off on the sale of OUR Uranium to the Russians – when Hillary as SecState was making back-door deals in exchange for campaign money.  Mueller is just as dirty as Comey!

Mueller’s willingness to subvert the law goes back to the 1980s – his time in Boston, – when he and Bill Weld did nothing to reverse the false convictions of 4 Boston men (Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone, Louis Greco and Joseph Salvati) – then serving lengthy prison terms for the murder to gangster Teddy Deegan.  At his core, he is a dirty cop.


Hillary’s willingness (desperation?) to resort to dirty tricks – and her failure to admit it early after she lost,  – has done lasting damage to our Republic.

200 years from now there will be people who will believe that Russia interfered and that she was the ‘Rightful President’

Today there may be as many as 45% of our people – mostly young – high school and college age – who think Trump is a crook and maybe even a stealth Russian agent.

They have no proof,  – but they’ve been hearing the constant left-wing drumbeat from our left-wing media.

I for one will always regret that Jeff Sessions – who Trump trusted,  – turned out to be a TOTAL PUSSYCRAT,  – and apparently an adherent to the secret rule of the Senate that no Senator shall ever prosecute another Senator.

Thus I am forced to recall that in the 1993-94 period – when Hillary was First Lady,  – she illegally obtained several hundred FBI files on key individuals.  Back then Jeff Sessions was Attorney General of Alabama…. Does Hillary have a file of old dirt on Jeff….?

Our American Justice System may never catch up with the Clintons,  their Cartel members,  or their highly-placed sycophants….

But,  I smile and know that there IS a Higher Justice System!

6 Responses to “Hillary’s Evil Ambition Poisoned America!”

  1. Varvara

    Iron Mike strikes again! Poor, poor Hillary, she is sooooo sad, she didn’t make it. Robert Mueller is a man who likes to spend money, other peoples money, mine, not his.

  2. panther 6

    Sadly I fear the demorats will continue to pursue our President and not get on with the business of running our nation. Shame on them.

  3. FLICK

    I will never understand how a totally ‘Republican’ Congress could allow the Clinton Crime Family to get away with their behavior? President Trump was unable to drain the swamp and capture the swamp rats. I had so much faith in Trey Gowdy to right all the wrongs. As I just said to the previous Mr. rrb last week, “Either he was silenced or everyone has their price.”


    Over the years we’ve watched RepubliCRATS like Scott Brown, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Ben Sasse, and Marco Rubio stand tall when running for office, – only to fold like a cheap suit when they’re needed most.

    Think of how tough Arnold Schwarzenegger sounded running for office, – only turn out to be screwing his nanny and governing like a RiNO….

  4. Walter Knight

    Everything liberal is a fraud.

  5. Kojack

    “….America’s obsession with having a First Woman President seems to have overwhelmed any shred of common sense and judgment….”

    The same lack of judgement and common sense prevailed when America was obsessed with electing the 1st black POTUS in 2008. It was the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama that made this all possible. He unmasked American citizens and weaponized the CIA, DOJ,FBI and the IRS.

    The whole HUSSEIN cabal should be indicted including Lois Lerner who weaponized the IRS and Eric WITH-Holder for his part in the unrelated FAST & FURIUOS scandal. IF THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN WE WILL ENCOUNTER ANOTHER SOFT COUP IN THE FUTURE AND NEXT TIME IT COULD BE SUCCESSFUL!!!

  6. Clinton ma Tea party

    We as a country can not let these dirty democrats change the course of the agenda. The obamas the clintons and the Soros’s and enemies of our country will try to make the news media report everything except what’s really going on. And what is really going on should be uranium one and Hillary Clinton crimes against the United States of America along with the obamas. Anyone who distracts the president from doing his national duties is a traitor and should be treated like a traitor That means whatever the law says the punishment is for being an enemy and traitor of the United States should be observed and followed through.