Hillary’s Core Supporters Won’t Care….

Posted March 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Bill’s former mistress [3 months] Sally Miller reveals what we’ve always suspected….
Not conclusive,  but lends weight to the questions about who Chelsea’s daddy really is….

3 Responses to “Hillary’s Core Supporters Won’t Care….”

  1. Panther 6

    The lady is pretty convincing given all the other folks who have alluded to the same thing. BUT as you said, the Hillary believers will not care or will become even more devoted.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    Mike, this is a bit muddled. We have been told for decades
    that Hillary and Vince Foster were doing the horizontal bop
    in Arkansas, and he later went to DC to be with his honey.
    So maybe she was swinging from both sides of the plate
    back then, and now her “lifestyle” has changed? I really
    don’t care one way or another. But if she does like the
    girls, it speaks volumes about Bill’s legendary infidelity.


    “Muddled” is a very NICE way of saying it….

    BEST GUESS is that Sally has it right, the HildaBeast ‘experimented’ in college – much the same way Bill ‘experimented’ with marijuana….

    …and she probably continued to ‘experiment’ after they were married,…maybe BOTH ways, given his rampant infidelity….

    …Vince Foster, Webb Hubbell, probably others….

    Vince may have been killed when going through her billing records he found proof he wasn’t the only one….

    Bill is alleged to have told a friend “…she’s eaten more *ussy than I have!”

    All very sick stuff for a future president…. Far more fitting for an orange jumpsuit!

    The Gaze of a lustful lesbian


    I suspect she is guilty as charged. Many say that her top aide Anthony Weiner’s wife is her current squeeze………………..