Hillary’s Campaign: Running On Fumes?

Posted September 11th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Highly polished dance floor – but an Empty Room
Hillary nobody showed
Hillary came to Columbus, Ohio to flail at Donald Trump, – but most of the people listening were press people – paid to be there.

Some kept their cameras on the Candidate – dutifully recording her every word, – but somebody caught the BIGGER NEWS story…

There is something terribly and tragically Shakespearean about watching the once-unstoppable and totally inevitable Clinton Machine grinding to a wounded crawl,  over a road rubbled with her own liesarrogance,  and avoidable blunders.

One could argue that sitting in a safe US Senate seat in November 2008,  – she should NEVER have agreed to work for Obama,  – but alas– her pride and her arrogance…

One could argue that as a sitting US Senator today,  – she’d have none of the baggage if the Iraq pullout,  – the growth of ISIS,  – of the Russian takeover of Crimea,  – or of Benghazi dogging her every footstep….

One could argue that as a sitting US Senator from New York – she would never have installed a ‘private’ email server in her home, – then gone around the world strong-arming Arabs for massive donations to her fake ‘charity’ slush fund…

Hillary strong-arms Arabs

While ~ some women ~ will always believe this is a ‘sexist male attack’;  – they need to remember that Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice were both Secretaries of State,…

Albright and Rice

– and neither enriched themselves by abusing the power of their office, 

– and neither lied to Congress,

– or made dismissive remarks about outrages against Americans…

And Democratic Women in particular – need to remember that it was the GOP which has advanced both Sarah Palin and Carly Fiorina for National office,   and that we have elected a slew of highly effective Republican Governors across the land.

Frankly ladies, – your rantings about ‘sexism’ are out of touch in 2015!

The ISSUE is not that Hillary is a Woman Seeking Power; – she’s had power.

The ISSUE is that at each stage in her life – on each rung of the ladder – she has abused her power – and LIED.   People died because of it.

She may have personally killed a few.

A lifetime of lies and abuse of power should not be rewarded.

Hillary doesn’t deserve to be president; – she deserves a cell in a federal prison.

Women for Hillary empty room

If you Democrat Women don’t yet fully understand what Hillary had going on in Benghazi before the attack 3 years ago today,…

…and if you don’t yet understand how Obama AND HILLARY left our people there to DIE – because “Dead men tell no tales…”,…

…and how they LIED,…and place the blame on a filmmaker – whose “vile anti-Muslim video” – had been seen exactly 126 times that morning…

…then you have TWO CHOICES:

Wallow in your sexist stupidity,…or educate yourselves….

Blood of Benghazi

2 Responses to “Hillary’s Campaign: Running On Fumes?”

  1. Flick

    Again, I can’t wait for those ‘margin calls’! Take a number.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    On another subject….. Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake just announced she will not run for reelection. Duh….. But I wonder: Per chance, any of that $6.4M coming her way?