Hillary’s Allies: Stupid Sniveling Republicrats

Posted June 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

crybabiesToday they sound a lot like the Bernie Babes,…

“I hate Trump – I can’t vote for him, – I’ll write in somebody else…”.

And to think that all this time I believed that only Democrats and RiNOs were blindly stupid about politics….

It seems the chief angst about Trump is that he has said things that Democrats jump upon as being ‘RACIST’, – and snake-bit Republicans quickly echo…. Yeah, that sure sounds racist to me…”.  Pussies!

It’s taken the Democrat Party and their socialist cohorts a full 40 years to ingrain such stupid self-loathing and knee-jerk reflex actions in otherwise thinking people.

Is salsa a Mexican food?  Is it somehow ‘racist’ to order food with salsa on it?

Is it ‘racist’ to point out that Kate Steinle’s murderer – Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez – was a career criminal – from Mexico,  – who’d been deported multiple times only to waltz back in here?Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez and salsa
In my book a statement of utter FACT,   can never be racist.

But you may be a whimpering snake-bit wuss if you won’t speak out openly – in public – about both the dollar cost and the social cost to our Republic incurred by the Obama administration’s open-borders activism.  As Trump pointed out – American Citizens are being killed.

Trump and Judge Gonzalo CurielLa RazaWhen Trump takes on a racist judge – Gonzalo Curiel a member of La Raza,  most Americans start to freak out.

He attacked a JUDGE?!?

These same fools have no clue what La Raza actually is….and few will bother learning before their knee-jerk reflex kicks in…

Trump is correct, – our enemies have infiltrated our government and our judicial system. They don’t mean to assimilate; – they mean to subvert and dominate – using our Constitution and our freedoms as cover…

Between now and the July 25th DNC,  – Republicans better quit their sniveling and come together to beat Hillary,  – or they’ll hand her the White House for 8 years.

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama

And they’ll get Michelle Obama for 8 years after that – until January 2033…

So,…Trump is not the ‘polite college professor’  Republican many had hoped for, – or even the dynamic Harvard-trained constitutional scholar and legal gunslinger – like Ted Cruz….

Ted Cruz TPA

But Cruz fell along with other worthy Republicans,…16 in all…largely because Republicans across the nation have tarnished their brand,  – and Trump was telling voters what they knew in their hearts….that the elites in both parties have been screwing them.

Today the news cycles and the internet is alive – seething – with so-called Republicans, Libertarians, and ‘Conservatives’ who say they loathe the very IDEA of Trump,  – can’t stand the man,  – and are looking for a viable alternative to him and Hillary.

The realistic problem there is time, money, and searing public scrutiny.

MANY worthy potential candidates don’t want their personal lives spread across the nightly news and the supermarket tabloids. Rubio and Cruz were facing rumors of love affairs,  – much as Newt Gingrich faced in 2012.

It seems only Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are inoculated from that problem.

No matter what kind of violence happens either inside or outside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia,  the media will focus each and every story with the words “First Woman Candidate…”

Six weeks more of Republican hand-wringing and bitter sniveling will pave the way for every bad actor to disrupt both the DNC and then the RNC – giving us a replay of 1968.

The media wants to report on a fractured Republican Party,  – a dying party of old white racists “epitomized by Donald Trump”,  so these snivelers are playing right into their story line.

Good men and women had years to think about running, – to measure their odds and count their resources.  Just 17 entered the fray,  – most didn’t last long.

Now it will take the work of EVERY Patriot in the country to beat Hillary, – simply because of the millions of bitter single-issue voters who have waited all their lives for a WOMAN PRESIDENT. They don’t care about any other issue, – Hillary has a vagina…[somewhere]…

Bitter Republicans should recall that in 1980 Ronald Reagan didn’t start out as a popular favorite,…he was the unwanted outsider.  But he beat nine (9) well-known Republicans and Libertarians for the nomination.

And folks should remember that Charles Koch also ran that year – on the Libertarian ticket.  In the end Reagan’s winning popular vote was a damned slim 50.7%.

Let’s not do that again!

Those Trump-haters looking for a Third Party Champion would do well to remember the election of 1992 – where Ross Perot’s 18% denied GHWB a well-earned second term,  – and thrust Governor Clinton into the Oval Office – thus giving us both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton – AND anti-gun justices Ginsburg and Breyer.

Just imagine what kind of justices Hillary will nominate – over 8 years…

Let’s vanquish the Clintons once and for all time with a overwhelming crushing defeat – based on her lifetime of corruption and lying.

/s/   Iron Mike
Old Soldier,  – Still Good for Parts!

Hillary can't fix what Obama has broken

4 Responses to “Hillary’s Allies: Stupid Sniveling Republicrats”

  1. Sherox

    This is what Trump should be doing:


  2. Jim Gettens

    We thinking Republicans, who will be voting for Trump because his Democrat opponent is a depraved, psychopathic, pathologically lying, power-hungry criminal, nevertheless appraise Trump quite accurately: he’s an egotistical, shallow, flip-flopping, repetitive, largely ignorant, impulsive, crude, crass, unfiltered, unrefined, blowhard dope.

    It used to be said that God watches over fools, drunks, and the United States of America. I hope so.

  3. Iron Mike

    Really Jim?

    >> an egotistical, shallow, flip-flopping, repetitive, largely ignorant, impulsive, crude, crass, unfiltered, unrefined, blowhard dope.
    Can you explain how such an ‘awful person’ managed to make between $4.5 and $10 BILLION DOLLARS….without going to jail…?

    Could it ~ possibly ~ be that he is an honest businessman…?

    Could it be that he loves our country…?

    Since neither George Washington, Abe Lincoln nor Dwight Eisenhower are available to run this year,…could you ~ maybe ~ temper your Trump Bashing a tad,…

    …or are you really willing to risk a huge chunk of votes being wasted on a 3rd party troll, – thus handing Hillary the White House for a full 8 years,…to be followed by Michelle Obama for another full 8 years…?

    Have you forgotten who benefited by Ross Perot’s 3rd party run?
    Ross Perot 92

  4. Jim Gettens

    Donald Trump, honest businessman????? YEAH, RIGHT…!!!

    See: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/06/09/donald-trump-unpaid-bills-republican-president-laswuits/85297274/


    Who will you be writing in on your ballot Jim? Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Franklin Graham…?