Hillary: Wrong – Every Damned Time!

Posted August 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

2½ years ago she called Assad ‘a reformer‘!   Ms Know-It-All wanted to be seen as smarter than any other presidential contender.
Hillary on Assad  Reformer
Remember her stupid, ill-informed remarks when 2016 rolls around. The Lady MoonBats will once again be calling her ‘the smartest woman in the world’.  Yeah, right. Benghazi isn’t the only thing she’s screwed up and lied about.  Video below the fold: 

What she could have said was that Bashar al-Assad – the former eye-doctor – was well-trained by his dictator father Hafez [friend of Saddam], and he will not easily give up power to any coalition of Sunnis – because that would mean certain death.

But she desperately wanted to say that SHE could make friends with people G W Bush couldn’t.  So she told a LIE!   It’s what she’d done all her life.

So using Saddam’s Sarin gas – he’ll kill as many as he can to break the back of the rebellion.

She could also have told the truth – there are no ‘good’ sides in Syria; – just different flavors of bad, – and the rest are cowering civilians waiting for the shooting to stop.

Meanwhile,  wait a few days and Obama will ‘pull a Clinton‘ and have the Navy send cruise missiles into some poorly defined and meaningless targets in Damascus,  – just as Bubba bombed an aspirin factory in the Sudan in 1998 – because he had no clue where Osama bin Laden was hiding.

Obama is a pussy. Not so Vladimir Putin, – who will NOT take kindly to having Obama bomb his cash client.  Obama is about to bite off more than he can chew.   Any downed American pilots are unlikely to survive.Lurch is fooked

4 Responses to “Hillary: Wrong – Every Damned Time!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Often you can tell who not to support by watching who these liberals support.

    Of course Hillary Clinton would think of Assad as a reformer. 100,000+ dead, and only now, after poison gas borrowed from Iraq is used to murder people, do they notice there is a problem?

    As for Russia, they’re a joke.

  2. Kojack

    Exactly, there are no good sides in Syria. The Assad regime while supported by Iran, Russia and Hezbollah is at least secular whereas the rebels have elements of Al Qauida in their midst who want to establish an Islamic caliphate in Syria. I say we leave Assad in place and stay out of it. We don’t have enough interest either way to get involved.

  3. Casey Chapman

    I agree about our staying out of it. There are 2 problems with this. First, there is that red line business. Obama’s ego has to be stroked, and it’s the best opportunity to take our military down a notch or two in his mind.
    The second thing is, we have the first Muslim Brotherhood defender/sympathizer/member pResident in American history. His cabinet is too scared for their careers to criticize him on ANYTHING. He’s very vengeful. All we citizens can do, is pray he doesn’t find some way to stay in office past his 2nd term. “Never let a crisis go to waste”, remember?