Hillary: We Will Sue Arizona

Posted June 17th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Is Hillary being positioned to be the next Vice President?  Here she makes the announcement that the Obama Cartel will sue Arizona to nullify their immigration law.  Watch the video:

Here’s Hillary – giving an interview to a reporter from Ecuador: 

Now she is the SecState, and she is sitting in a foreign country at the moment.  But since she’s being asked about domestic American immigration politics, wouldn’t the statesman-like thing to say be something like “That’s an issue for our Justice Department to deal with, as would your own Ministry of Justice here in Ecuador“?

Instead, she answers directly for the administration.   A year ago I was saying that Obama had her flying around the world “the traveling pants suit” to wear her out before she could challenge him in 2012.  But with all the heat the Village Idiot [Lovable Joe Biden] has drawn, I’m thinking that just maybe Obama is going to swap Joe out and Hillary in – maybe even before 2012.  That would free up the SecState spot for the Ketchup Boy, and we’d have to go through another special election here in Massachusetts.

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One Response to “Hillary: We Will Sue Arizona”

  1. Bob Shannon

    Hillary will be the VP only if she becomes a Republican. Obama is toast.