Hillary Summons Al Gore For Help

Posted October 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

We marvel at the hypocrisy, – and the lure of ‘Presidential Power’, – even reflected presidential power.
Al Gore – once Bill Clinton’s friend and buddy,  – who felt so badly betrayed by the Lewinsky scandal, – and more deeply offended to learn that Bill was simultaneously screwing Walter Mondale’s daughter,….will leave his seaside mansion to campaign for Hillary?  Why?

What do the Clintons know about the polls that we don’t?

We’re told by the media that Hillary enjoys a wide lead in the polls, – particularly in the so-called ‘Battleground States’.

Why then would she feel it necessary to summon this enormous and bombastic fool – with his widely discredited ‘Man-Made Global Warming’ agenda, his questionable dealings with Arab governments, – and his own sexual scandals…?

Is she trying to provide the media with a ready target, – someone who can draw attention away from her own tainted background?

Or,…is she so sick that she cannot keep up a speaking schedule for these next 31 days…?

Gore comes with baggage he didn’t have back when he ran for president in 2000.  People have forgotten the Chinese campaign money and the Buddhist monks…   And, his wife Tipper – mother of his 4 children – left him in 2010 after 40 years of marriage. There were just too many ‘girlfriends’ – and too many groping incidents….

…habits he no doubt picked up from Bill….


When he and Bill were campaigning together in 1992,  Al had visions of being the first Assistant President’,  – i.e. having a real policy role and real executive responsibilities.


But he quickly came to realize that Hillary had already surrendered sole possession of Bill’s penis – for full access to his Presidential Ear

Al was relegated to the usual funeral duty reserved for vice presidents.

So in 2008,  when he gave up any attempt at a second run,  – Gore failed to endorse Hillary.

But, now he will…?   What has he been promised?

And why is he so foolish as to trust Hillary to keep her word…?

Hey Al, – you can’t win TWICE! 

There’s no Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy!


BTW Al,…since you lost in 2000,…you’ve been mighty silent about things like illegal immigration, Benghazi, ISIS, our National Debt, ObamaCare and our trade imbalance with Mexico and China.  Did you check out?

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