Hillary Sends In Her Goons

Posted June 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

How DARE the Times start any real reporting!?! Hillary sends in her head goons to ‘adjust their perspective’.
Hillary's goons threaten NY Times
I’m going to be the next president.  Mess with me and you’ll pay dearly for it!”

Recent Times reporting has just begun to ask the kinds of questions about Hillary the rest of us have for years, – even decades.

Not welcome attention in the Hillary 2016 camp. So she sent Huma Abedin [wife of Anthony Weiner / Carlos Danger] and bow-tie bum-kisser Philippe Reines to read them back into the script.

Hillary's Trusted Goons

Washington Political Editor Carolyn Ryan is fairly new in her job, as is full-time all-things-Clinton field reporter Amy Chozick.

Both are likely very pro-Democrat, – – but circulation and advertising is dropping, – the Times had to sell the Globe, – Jill Abramson just got fired, – — so there ~ may ~ be a desire to be a little more truthful [ or even talk about democrats in trouble].image hillary demands

And right now, as Hillary tries to lose weight and get some ‘work’ done on her face, – she doesn’t want to hear any negative stories.

She only wants the magazine covers where she looks 20 years younger – and healthy.

It must appeal to the very-low-information voters.

Funny how pushing your weight around for 30 years – as wife of the Arkansas Attorney General, – wife of the Governor, wife of the President, US Senator, and Sec of State – can make you believe you DO rule the world…

2 Responses to “Hillary Sends In Her Goons”

  1. Casey Chapman

    We have known for years, that Hillary thinks that she is entitled to the office. George Soros is backing her, so you know she’s in his pocket as well.

  2. Walter Knight

    Hillary Clinton will have a problem with liberals in her own party because they favor a ‘peace’ candidate. Obama was their choice last time she ran, and see what happened. Their strength is organizing mush-heads in the junior colleges at the caucus level.