Hillary Says “Please Ignore My Mess!”

Posted July 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

The so-called ‘smartest woman in the world’ and our ‘Dear Leader Obama‘ let Egypt fester for 16 months under the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi.  Today the Egyptians are in the street again.
Largest Protest in History

Obamawho is evil and stupid – thought that with Mubarak gone – some sort of new utopian Muslim government would magically emerge….

.and he really wasn’t interested in details [he never is] – so he tasked Hillary with watching over things…

You can see how well that’s working out…Egypt Obama 1

Whatever were Mubarak’s faults, he understood the evils of the Muslim Brotherhood, – something neither Hillary nor Obama grasp.
Egypt Obama 2

Today Obama was playing visiting emperor in South Africa – seeking to cover himself with the legacy of Nelson Mandela, and promising to give to an essentially RICH nation $7 BILLION in US Aid

…while in Northeast Africa – the owners of the world-critical Suez Canal are in the streets – 1,000,000 strong – to protest the mess Obama and Hillary left them with just 14 short months ago.

Egypt Obama 3

And back home a war-weary brigade of the US 1st Cav at Fort Hood is on standby – to go to EGYPT – to keep peace [or keep the canal open?].

Hillary is ‘retired’ – and for the moment ‘off the hook’ – and we STILL don’t have the truth about Benghazi…?  How much more damage can these imposters do?

3 Responses to “Hillary Says “Please Ignore My Mess!””

  1. Varvara

    During the first Gulf War France wouldn’t let us fly over the country with our planes, supplies and men. Mubarak opened the Suez Canal for us and held the other users aside.
    Do you think the people of Egypt would be that good to us now and in the future? Will our men lose blood over the Suez Canal?

    Will we be able to talk with the people of Egypt or their government, when they have one? Will there be an all out civil war?

    What are the European countries thinking now? What will the other Arab countries do? How does Iran plan to make use of this mess?

  2. Casey Chapman

    The banner above that says “Obama supports terrorism” is right. He loves the Muslim Brotherhood. They have infiltrated our government right up to and including the white house.

  3. Kojack

    Barack HUSSIEN Obama IS a muslim marxist…..he assisted opposition groups in ousting Mubarek and Kadahfi because they were dictators and not good/proper muslims and kept silent about Iran for the same reason, it is a “proper muslim caliphate……they were both pro-American and added to the stability of the region but Obysmal hates the U.S. and is doing everything he can to destroy it and it’s allies. See “2016:Obama’s America” and visit shoebat.com for more info.