Hillary Removes Another Protester

Posted November 18th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Her aides are ruthless in eliminating any sign of opposition.  At a rally in Mountain View College – a community college in Dallas,  a man holding a small polite protest sign was intimidated and removed.
Thy Queen
It seems that at first he had a large sign listing her sins, – and one of the 1,500 nice Democrats’ present pulled it down and ripped it up.
Clinton's Sins

He salvaged a piece of it and held it up when she appeared, – and her ever-present goons then removed him.

Dallas Protest Sign

CBS DFWI’m kind of amazed that the local CBS TV station covered it, and posted it.  I bet the video goes blank pretty soon.
Screen Shot

Sort of gives you a clue about how your 1st Amendment Rights will be honored and protected under a Hillary presidency…. Gestapo!

BTW,   WHY is Hillary in Dallas?   Has she given up on Iowa and New Hampshire,  – or is she trolling the Oil Patch for campaign $$$,   – before she goes on an anti-oil tirade?

8 Responses to “Hillary Removes Another Protester”

  1. Vic

    she should rent a convertible while she’s there – to take in the wonderful sight-seeing, of course.

  2. Hunter556

    An insight into her presidency…..eliminate free speech.

  3. Hawk1776

    If the roles were reversed and there was a Republican candidate and a liberal protester it wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing occurred. However, the list of Hillary’s sins is much longer than any Republican candidate. She’s not a good candidate and would make a terrible President. Of course after Barry the bar is set very low.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Whoa, whoa, whoa…. Can we please stop calling pResident Opeckerhead Barry? It’s terribly insulting to the rest of us named Barry….!

  5. MC

    Notice that the rooms she speaks at get smaller and smaller!

  6. Hunter556

    ….and her ass and lies get bigger and bigger.

  7. Hawk1776

    My sincere apologies to GreenBeret and all of the other Barrys of the world. Talk about unintended consequences.

  8. mack bolan

    Putin style politics. Eliminate all who disagree with her. We are on our way to single party government with with dictator at the head.