Hillary On Trial? Is It Even Possible?

Posted January 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

There isn’t a patriot I know who doesn’t relish the image of Hillary Clinton in handcuffs – going into a courtroom on trial for murder and/or treason.
Bill and Hillary On Trial
But even with rock-solid evidence – and willing eye-witnesses,  – can Hillary actually be brought before the Bar of Justice and made to pay for her sins and her arrogance?


Loretta Lynch wide ass racist mind

Even if the Justice Department under AG Loretta Lynch decides to bring charges,  – or even to impanel a Federal Grand Jury to hear the evidence….there are HUGE administrative and legal problems….

SAP level Jury

Grand Jurors and later the Trial Jurors would need special security clearances just to hear and see the evidence. All court personnel would need the same clearances.

A special secure courtroom would have to be constructed….

When people receive high level security clearances there is a paragraph where they waive their right to a public trial, –  but in the case of Hillary there would likely have to be some sort of limited TV coverage [without sound] to satisfy the outcry from the Left.

And Hillary’s legal team would all have to be cleared, – all have to same essentially the same legal contract Hillary did back in 2009….

The emails themselves – however damning – wouldn’t be enough for a conviction. There would need to be eye-witness testimony.

Treason Trio Mills Clinton Raines

So suddenly the testimony of computer geek Bryan Pagliano looms large,  – and his life is even more in danger….

Vince Foster Bryan Pagliano

But he’s almost too low-level to put Hillary away for serious time.  Some higher-level member of her cabal needs to be flipped – maybe Huma AbedinCheryl MillsSusan RicePhilippe ReinesSidney Blumenthal…somebody wants to to go home – and not to prison.

Hillary's Dirty Crew

Many of these folks thought they were sure to have high profile jobs in Hillary’s White House.  Now it looks like the best they can hope for is “Star Witness”,…followed by a book deal.

Because if Loretta Lynch doesn’t indict Hillary,  – our next Republican Attorney General will!

There is no statute of limitations on TREASON!

Do you suppose that if faced with prison himself as a co-conspirator in the email server scheme and Hillary’s arm-twisting foreign donation,  – that Bill might be willing to testify against her,…so he can continue to troll the coffee shops of East Hampton?

War on Women

So,…who could Hillary call as a character witness?

Blood of Benghazi

Pagliano gets immunity



One Response to “Hillary On Trial? Is It Even Possible?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Perhaps in the deep dark confines and corridors of Army Intelligence at Fort Meade, Maryland there may be an unused SCIF large enough to accommodate a courtroom for this necessary, highly classified trial for first, violation and improper storage of TS, SAP, SCI information and most importantly Treason. I’ll bet it does, the jury of her peers however, might be a problem, but her peers are not you and me or the next door neighbor, they are members of the public or private sector, that have p been granted similar Security Clearances. There may even be two or more lawyers in that category and a judge or two. This can be done, it’s not rocket science, it’s justice and justice shall always prevail. If Lorreta, legs like Hillary, Lynch, and Obama stonewall this indictement and the House and Senate Republicans don’t scream bloody murder we are trully screwed.