Hillary Loves All The Boys And Girls!

Posted June 17th, 2015 by Iron Mike

She even went to their Long Beach CLUB to talk to them, – sort of – for $200,000.oo.  But then she must have gotten a text from a Saudi donor, – and she had to leave in a hurry,  – with her check for $200,000.oo….Clintons Boys and Girls Club fees
…which she added to her “World Initiative Fund” – [you know – her 10% charity / 90% political slush fund…],…but she never talked to any boys or girls…

The event was March 6th – in Long Beach, where she spoke to 300 excited Long Beach Democrats.

We don’t know what they paid for that event,  but after writing a $200K check to Hillary – the Club only cleared $106,000 – possibly because her huge entourage took up seats that might have been sold….


Back in 2007 Bill Clinton spoke there too.  His fee was $150,000.oo, – and he walked away with his check.

BUT,  in 2009 Condi Rice spoke there for $60,000, – and donated the money right back to the Club.  Condi has always been a class act!


1.  BECAUSE they LET HER!  That ‘greater good’ thing….


She’d been there BEFORE – back in 2000 as Senator-elect Clinton – with Microsoft founder / Billionaire Bill Gates as he dropped a bundle* as part of his own image rebuilding campaign.

Clintons have a nose for money

So the Board of the Boys and Girls Club may have expected that Hillary would draw more than the measly $106K she did in March,  – but they still had that Bill Gates money tucked away.  And Hillary is used to taking money from Bill Gates – directly or indirectly.

And the kids…? Pawns in the Democrat chess game – “because Democrats care”. Is your stomach turning yet?

Clinton's hands always out

Just imagine how much money the Clintons will make if she is elected….

* 2000 grant of $12.3 million in cash and $88 million in software over five years

2 Responses to “Hillary Loves All The Boys And Girls!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Interesting…. The only white people in all those photos are Hillary and the two Bills…. Talk about Race Pimps….

  2. Tom Gilroy

    If you noticed the folks in the background at Roosevelt Island last Saturday, it was 99% white with the smooching white gay guys very prominent. Hillary is and always will be an opportunist, carefully using the hand picked audience to her advantage. As for the Clinton Library and Massage Palor charity is is nothing more than a money laundering operation to benefit not a charity, but the Clinton Crime Family. Will they ever be investigate? Not under a Democrat administration where they will receive the usual pass.