Hillary: Like A Cornered Rat!

Posted May 19th, 2015 by Iron Mike

She’s been dodging reporters for weeks as scandals drip-drip-drip…Hillary Cornered Rat
…if only George Stephanopoulos was there to toss softballs…

2 Responses to “Hillary: Like A Cornered Rat!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Secret Service has been providing shielded protection commensurate with a person marked for assassination. She has avoided all questions, totally avoiding the press. No matter what she does or has done she will be protected by the main stream media. She is their candidate in spite of her treasonous and criminal past. She will be the Democrat nominee and if the GOP does not get their stuff together she will be the next President. God help us all!!

  2. William Clark

    Listening to the Faux and EIB network talking heads the past 5 weeks the right has all but conceeded that Hillary is already President comparing her proposed policies against President Obama not any GOP candidate.

    Last week Rush spent 50% of his show on Hillary the other 50% on Tom Brady. While recounting every Hillary episode since “Whitewater” and “Travel-Gate”.

    Another “free for all”, “kill or be killed” GOP series of debates on the horizon revealng the soft white underbelly of each GOP candidate.