Hillary Has Several New Nightmares…

Posted June 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Trump is pulling out the stops,  Julian Assange says he’s about to release a trove of her emails [gee, how’d he get them?],  and Bryan Pagliano just “Took the Fifth”125 times….
Hillary's 3 Problems
She may have a war chest full of Arab money,  but drip-by-drip all her treasons are coming home to roost…. Trump’s attack below the fold:

Even if Obama and Loretta Lynch have promised her that the FBI investigation is “going nowhere” – the damning evidence seems to be coming out anyway.

But we know some [brain dead] Democrat women will vote for her no matter what…..

.they’d vote for their own all-female firing squad,  – just to say they were voting to empower women”

Hillary  sniper fire

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