Hillary: “Has Only Herself To Blame”

Posted June 29th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Slowly, ever so s-l-o-w-l-y,  the press is beginning to wake up and smell the treason.

I can’t wait until they start asking:  “What was going on in Benghazi prior to the attack that attracted the attention of the ISIS attackers?”  No wonder Al Gore is holding back his endorsement.   He’s been burned once by these lying Clinton bastards!

Democratic women need to do some soul-searching:   Is having the ‘first woman president’ worth rewarding a lifetime liar who betrayed our country?

5 Responses to “Hillary: “Has Only Herself To Blame””

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Why has it been taking the media so long to wake up and smell the rat for what she is. This women was fired from the Watergate Committee as a young bespectacled attorney because she lied and was on her way to violating the Constitution. Since her days at Wellsley protesting the Vietnam War, writing thesis glorifying Saul Alinsky and the racist, baby killing Margaret Sanger. Her real estate deals in Arkansas, Tavelgate and all of the dead bodies over the years. She is by far the worst possible candidate and anyone that supports her is either a low, no information voter, or is no better than she is.


    Tom, The ‘media’ have been drooling since 2008 about writing daily puff pieces featuring “America’s First Woman President”.

    Remember, they gave up their role as our “Fourth Estate” back during the Vietnam War – when Cronkite proclaimed “This war is lost”.

    Today they are just entertainment companies – staying alive on viewership and advertising; – so they’ve sold their souls for the advertising $$. To HELL with the Country!

  2. William Clark

    So the CNN video was definitive (Not). It states a few missing e-mails that the White-house may have been unaware of were found, but may have not been previously disclosed.

    That Mrs. Clinton’s personal server was erased so the subject matter was unknown.

    Which conspiracy theorists will naturally think there were e-mails deleted that would show evidence of………….

    Seems like nobody on this site knows a good lawyer.

    If you were in a trial for your life tomorrow and you had a choice of two Lawyers, Michelle Bachmann or Hillary Clinton, which would you choose?


    Easy call Willie!

    I’d personally rather DIE than be associated in ~ ANY WAY ~ with the Hildabeast. Plus, you’ve forgotten, she’s DISBARRED – she can’t practice law anymore.

    But you keep on cheering for her Willie. She’s sure to reward you with SecDEF!


    So let’s say Willie, – that you were in an American Embassy somewhere in a sandy country, and you were being surrounded and attacked by ISIS. Who would you trust to send help – the Hildabeast or Michele Bachmann…?

  3. William Clark

    Republicans are currently distracted with conspiracies which get little press, like Benghazi. It seems that one person in Texas knew more about it, 3 minutes after it occurred than the entire intelligence community.

    The nation is changing and 270 EC Votes may never again be achievable by any republican candidate, Ohio(20), Florida(27), Iowa(4), Louisiana(9)and possibly Texas(34) are all slipping slowly into Blue States.

    I wish the Tea Party well, keep fiddling as your Rome burns.
    It will be interesting watching Trump and Cristie tear down any viable Republican Candidate in the debates.


    Go ahead Willie,…type the words: “I William Clark will vote for Hillary – regardless of her TREASON!”

  4. William Clark

    Actually, I like to think I get more votes for Hillary as I drive the elderly and any Democrat needing a ride to the polls on election day.

    So here is the rewrite…

    “I William Clark will vote early and often for Hillary Clinton given the field of current or future declared republican candidate’s – regardless of any claims of TREASON declared by the Dark Triads currently masquerading as Conservative Tea Party citizens of the United States.”


    Early and OFTEN?

  5. William Clark

    “Often” as in a grass roots votes, delivering voters to the polls, elderly who have lost their driving privileges.

    The last two national elections I delivered over 60 votes to the polls.

    For Hillary I may need to rent a van.