Hillary & Crew: Treason At The State Dept!

Posted March 7th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Breaking:  – analysis of the secret emails – indicates that Hillary and her key career guardians – Cheryl Mills and Phil Reines – were maneuvering, lying, covering up, and thwarting rescue efforts, – all to protect ‘their future First Woman President’.Treason For Hillary


The Benghazi operation prior to 11 Sept 2012 was a sloppy weapons buying and warehousing scheme, – run by CIA and State.  The plan was to buy up Qaddafi’s vast Soviet-made arsenal of weaponry – which Obama & Hillary had totally overlooked as they were bombing him.

Now suddenly they wanted that weaponry for their new patrons, – “the good Syrian rebels” – who were trying to overthrow Assad.

So they were buying them, – with a big chunk of that $60 Billion which ‘went missing’ on Hillary’s watch.

Sloppy!  They were sloppy and utterly careless about it. [From the same people who couldn’t build an ObamaCare website].   Everybody in Benghazi and Libya knew…and east over in Egypt too….including the Muslim Brotherhood and the fledgling ISIS thugs…

So as Ambassador Stevens was dealing with people for a ship to smuggle the huge cache of arms and ammo out of Benghazi – secretly through NATO ally Turkey – to those “good Syrian rebels”,….the fledgling ISIS thugs in Egypt had a plan of their own…



Ambassador Stevens and the Americans weren’t the targets – they were merely collateral damage.  They were in the way, – and had to be eliminated.  Plus, as the attack progressed and got confused, – they were witnesses,…and after all,…hated Americans.  Plus Stevens was gay…

THE ATTACK TOOK HOURS! There was plenty of time to launch rescue teams, and aircraft from Italy. There was time to call the Israelis for help!

674 miles

Then, as the attackers drove back to Egypt – along the one-and-only coast road, there was an additional 14 hours to intercept them, kill them, – and keep those weapons out of ISIS hands…. A perfect mission for our Airborne unit stationed in Italy.



Cheryl Mills [who had saved Bill from impeachment in 1999] and Phil Reines [an Al Gore Klingon who once babysat Chelsea Clinton on the 2008 campaign trail] – had no thoughts of rescuing Americans from terrorists or recovering a cache of stolen weapons.

In fact – dead Americans were preferable to living ones, – they could tell no tales…

Treason Trio  Mills Clinton Raines

Their ONLY thought was to shield Hillary at ALL COSTS – EVEN TREASON!

They probably had help,…and now that Hillary’s 2016 campaign is darkly clouded, – maybe a witness or two will step forward, – to clear their conscience. Maybe,….


Benghazi Lies

Folks, when I first heard the White House and Hillary talk about riots in Cairo and Benghazi inspired by justifiable Muslim outrage at a “vile anti-Muslim video”, – it didn’t pass my smell test.

I quickly googled and found that offending video – and it had been viewed exactly 127 times….hardly enough to inspire near-simultaneous anti-American ‘protests’ in Cairo and Benghazi.

It was just BULLSHIT to believe that suddenly with 4 Americans dead and the Benghazi compound still burning,…

– – that BOTH Obama and Hillary could point with absolute certainty to that video.

How could they have even known about it that soon – as the compound was still billowing smoke…?

Susan Liar RiceBut that Sunday they dispatched Susan ‘Liar’ Rice to tell that lie on 5 different network shows.

Her promised reward was to be named the next SecState….

Give her credit – as a political whore – she wasn’t selling herself cheap.

Today she’s Obama’s National Security Advisor, – – protecting us from the Chinese, the NorKs, Putin, al Qaeda, and ISIS….

[NO!   She’s one of Obama’s highly visible Black Female Faces.  Ability and results don’t matter if the true goal is to destroy America from the top down.]


Some folks will never believe it. To them this sounds like insane right-wing conspiracy theory,…racism toward Obama and sexism toward Hillary. The Clintonistas and the Hillaryphiles won’t even get this far down the page….

But after watching Hillary on the public stage since 1992, and Obama since 2004, I can only conclude they would kill their grandmothers for political power.

Obama may have done exactly that in November 2008. Hillary probably shot Vince Foster, – or had him killed.

Neither are patriots. They ALWAYS put themselves first. Look at the farcical marriages they both have – strictly for political show…

And after 11 years watching Obama, I can only conclude that he is an anti-American, anti-white Muslim, – and probably a Shia. Nothing else explains his relentless campaign of overthrow of the Muslim leaders across North Africa and the Middle East – and his visceral hatred of Israel.

Nothing else explains his clear preference for Iran over the Arab states….

And somehow,…both Hillary and Obama have attracted and cultivated a cult of super-loyal followers – each totally willing to aide and abet treason – just to be in their inner circles and bask in their reflected glory.

Susan Rice,  Cheryl Mills,  and Philippe Reines are such cult member traitors.

Philippe Raines babysitter

These are indeed America’s Darkest Days!  Pray for our Country,  and pray for the world which depends on us for peace and stability.

2 Responses to “Hillary & Crew: Treason At The State Dept!”

  1. Len Mead

    The ugly truth you keep uncovering requires either 2 stiff drinks before reading or an airplane barf bag to preserve reader sanity and prevent nausea.
    At least a few media types are asking about Hillary’s corrupt behavior, but establishment RINOS seem to be targeting the elected Tea Party public figures who want to keep stirring up these truths.
    The fact that democrats are now pledging to help keep RINO bumbling Boehner as house speaker may be the final straw preventing a real conservative leader from acting the way voters wanted before Obama’s term is up.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Florida Conservative