Hillary Clinton’s Problem: Hillary Clinton!

Posted May 23rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

…and Bill’s penis,  and Chelsea,  and the World Initiative,  and Whitewater,  and Benghazi,  and Vince Foster,  and Paula Jones,  and Gennifer Flowers,  and Travelgate,  and Juanita Broaddrick,  and Monica Lewinsky,  and those Saudi Arabian millions….
Hillary's Problem
…and the Emails,  – and Cheryl Mills,  – and Huma Abedin,  – and a thoroughly documented history of lying….

When she came into public view during the 1992 presidential race,  Hillary was totally unknown outside of Arkansas.

Today she is the most recognizable – and most despised woman in the world.

And she accomplished that all on her own….

WHO ELSE could have lied so often and so contemptuously to the American People – and under oath to our Congress…?

WHO ELSE could have covered for her husband’s affairs, – while having affairs of her own….?

WHO ELSE could have decided that America’s health care system ‘was broken’ and that we needed to go to socialized medicine…while holding no elected office…?

WHO ELSE [who never held a legitimate private sector job] could collect $225K speaking fees,…and decide that we need to raise the minimum wage to $15.oo/hour…?

WHO ELSE could have official investigations dog every step of their live, – from the Watergate Committee to the Rose Law billing records, to Whitewater, to Travelgate, to her senate and presidential campaign funding, to her activities as SecState, to her World Initiative charity [slush fund], to her $100 Million plus donations from Arab States…?

Huma and HillaryWHO ELSE while SecState – would employ as a confidential assistant a woman married to a disgraced sex pervert…

– who IS ALSO a member of the Muslim Brotherhood…?


Today,  Hillary enjoys a small,  fiercely loyal [brain dead] cult following of mostly older and overweight women,  – women who have longed all their lives to see a WOMAN as Commander-in-Chief.

It is America’s great disgrace [after Obama] that these women could not find among America’s 171 million women of legal age to be president – one honest woman to rally behind.

Instead they accuse anybody who is against their beloved Hillary of being “sexist”.

These same women REFUSE to look up the word: “Arkancide”….for fear of what they’d be forced to discover……

So Ladies,…forgive my amusement as I watch “America’s [so-called] Smartest Woman” try to wriggle free of Bernie Sanders,  – keep the FBI away from her doorstep,  – and try keeping her trail of dead bodies and lies from public scrutiny.

Hillary worn out lying shrew

And Ladies,… if you sometimes get angry when men won’t take your ideas and positions seriously,…take a long hard look at that wretched hag you’re proposing we elect president.

Hillary fired from Watergate


4 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s Problem: Hillary Clinton!”

  1. Varvara

    Agreed, Hillary’s problem is Hillary.

  2. Panther 6

    Yes indeed but sadly too many citizens still think the lady is fine to occupy the WH. Just goes to show all the idiots aren’t in the asylums>> UH are there anymore asylums?

  3. Sherox

    Below are a few links showing how much women dislike Hillary:




  4. Sherox

    This is the link I was actually looking for but couldn’t remember where I saw it: