Hillary Clinton’s Pet Snake Walks Out

Posted May 11th, 2016 by Iron Mike

When the FBI is questioning you,  – walking out of the interview ~ may ~ tend to indicate a DEEP LEVEL of GUILTY KNOWLEDGE.   Cheryl Mills is a lawyer – she KNOWS the definition of “accessory after the fact”
Wilkinson with Cheryl Mills
Now Cheryl and her attorney – DC power lawyer Beth Wilkinson – have walked out of her FBI interview….

Ye shall know the depths of their evil…by the PRICE of their lawyers…”

Beth Wilkinson w rich and powerful

Attorney Beth Ann Wilkinson [married to David Gregory] is a big-time / big ticket Washington DC lawyer. She’s the daughter of a retired nuclear submarine captain, and was herself a highly placed US Army JAG lawyer….before she drank that Potomac Water….

Cheryl Mills is a damned good attorney [although thoroughly evil] in her own right,  – having successfully defended Bill Clinton from impeachment back in the day….


Then she spent 4 years as Hillary’s Chief-of-Staff at State,…

where she personally ordered the reduction of security in Libya, – and issued stern rebukes to those who sent repeated requests for more….

Blood of Benghazi

Then she oversaw the “sorting of Hillary’s emails” between that which belongs to the State Department and those deemed ‘personal’…..

The FBI wanted to know about that sorting process,…what criteria,…and who made the decisions…..

And Mills backed by Wilkerson decided that was “stepping into the area of attorney-client privileged communications”…and they walked out.

The PROBLEM for Mills is that when an ‘attorney’ acts in a way which furthers the crime and/or the cover-up,…the so-called ‘privilege ENDS,…and any further acts by the ‘attorney’ are now the acts of an accessory or co-conspiratorOops!

Many attorneys have let enthusiasm, blind trust in a client, or even greed cloud their judgments in such matters. Cheryl Mills was probably thinking that Hillary would be elected easily, – and everything remotely criminal or treasonous would be swept under the rug in the Oval Office…..

Now Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and the FBI are all obscuring that “Lived Happily Ever After” vision…..

I doubt that Cheryl has put away enough money to pay for the continued services of Beth Wilkinson….. It has to be Clinton money paying these legal fees;…er,…I mean Clinton’s Saudi Arabian money…..

Mills practicly family

If you’re getting a picture of inbred and intertwined Washington power-players, – you’re beginning to smell the corruption and the treason…..

Why would the daughter of a submarine commander – a former JAG lawyer – represent a woman who was a key part of the illegal Benghazi arms-smuggling operation, – who cut back the security force, – and who participated in the blame-game cover story that everything was caused by ‘vile internet video’…?

Attorney Beth Wilkinson David Gregory, Todd and Sarah Palin

NEVER underestimate the corrupting power of that Potomac Water!

6 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s Pet Snake Walks Out”

  1. Panther 6

    Well hello, a whole nest of vipers. IS there an honest person inside the beltway????

  2. Walter Knight

    It’s amazing liberals can’t figure out why America is angry with the establishment and politics as usual. There’s a need to clean house.

  3. Walter Knight

    And now donors to the Clinton Foundation are saying that Clinton under reported their donations. Gee, I wonder how long it will take for the Justice Department to figure out crimes have been permitted. It will probably take until next year and a new Attorney General.

  4. Jim Gettens

    I saw a passel of high-ranking Army JAGs in my time. Many sought D.C.-area postings when they could. Invariably they were craven and slavish suck-ups to visiting Senators, such as Shrillary and McCain, overseas on “fact-finding” missions. They know who butters their bread. Many aspire to be post-Service influence peddlers and beneficiaries.

    Then-Senator Shrillary visited our post in Iraq once. A senior JAG officer–cousin of ‘Republican’ Sen. Orrin Hatch–spotted me and asked if I was going to try to be photographed with Shrillary. Paraphrasing former Navy Secretary James Webb’s comments about Jane Fonda, I replied: “Sir, I wouldn’t cross a street to watch that Bitch slit her wrists!” He did not reply.

    That former Army JAG Beth Wilkinson is a public corruption cover-up artist doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  5. Mt Woman

    Don’t know if it is correct, but I heard on Greta ‘ s show last night that the FBI doesn’t ask a question that they don’t already know the answer. They led Ms Milks directly into a tea as like the prey she is, was swiftly ensnared by her hubris.