Hillary Campaigns In Her Blue Jammies

Posted June 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

What a stark contrast – on the day the liberal Supreme Court overturned the Texas anti-abortion law…
…there were two of the Democrat’s biggest liars and frauds – campaigning in their twinsie jammies…

If you are one of America’s oblivious single-issue women voters, – you’re expected to immediately identify…..after all,  after 229 years – it’s time for a woman.

After all, in 2008 it was time for a Black,…and America did that!

And if there is any criticism of these past 7½ years under Obama; – if there are any lingering questions about our national defense, the war on ISIS, our Southern Border, the economy, or transgender rights,….

…than who could be more fitting to finish his fundamental transformation of the United States into a co-equal third-world Muslim magnet that Obama’s spectacularly failed SecState – the Architect of the Benghazi Massacre, – and her still-horny husband Bill?

Squaw and Pant's Suit

Of course Hillary will need a running mate – someone so awful – so ridiculous – that it will deter any would-be assassin….

Hillary's VP Picks

…should she pick Senator Squaw, Bernie, Biden, Michelle,…or some unnamed Black or Hispanic face….

Or,…maybe she’ll pick one of Obama’s new AA/EEO 4-stars….?

Obama Ribbons and Stars

As an indicator of Senator Squaw’s political priorities for our Nation, yesterday, despite events in Europe, Africa, on the stock market, and recently in Orlando,….

.her focus was Donald Trump’s hat.   I shit you not!

Squaw doesn't like Trump's hat

There is very little credibility or honor left in the Democrat Party Folks,…and at this point only the FBI can save it….by indicting Hillary….

4 lives do make a difference

5 Responses to “Hillary Campaigns In Her Blue Jammies”

  1. Sherox

    These democrats are incredibly ridiculous.

  2. Hawk1776

    Trump has pointed out that Dizzy Lizzie is an under achieving Senator with a big mouth. Her accomplishments follow the pattern established by John Kerry, i.e., nothing. Hopefully Hillary will choose her as her running mate. No one in their right mind would want Lizzie as the potential President.


    Hawk, Hawk,…Hawk….

    You are absolutely CORRECT!

    BUT,…Democrats aren’t in their ‘right minds’…..or they wouldn’t be Democrats….

  3. FLICK

    Lookin’ good in the blue denim work outfit, maybe she’s easing into her new wardrobe designed for the exercise yard.

    You folks in MA must be proud to have one of your own sharing the stage with her.

    At least she doesn’t cackle.

  4. Hawk1776

    >BUT,…Democrats aren’t in their ‘right minds’…..or they wouldn’t be Democrats….

    Massachusetts Democrats are stranger than most. I really think other Democrats, Bernie supporters aside, will have concerns about “Dizzy Lizzie”.

  5. Panther 6

    They are both disgusting. I hope Hill Babe picks her. A two woman ticket would be I think a demorat disaster.