Hillary Baits Hispanic Voters

Posted January 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

It was Democratic race-baiting in it’s most refined and subtlest form,  and it gave Hillary a chance to change her position on deportations before a sympathetic audience.
Elian Gonzales and Hillary
Of course she knew the questions in advance! 
Fusion moderator Jorge Ramos’s daughter works on Hillary’s campaign….  Remember, the American ‘media’ has morphed into the propaganda arm of the Progressive Left – the Socialist Party.

The Black & Brown Forum – held at Drake University in Iowa, was an exercise in pandering….

Black&Brown moderators

Hillary came on last – following Sanders and O’Malley,  – and her remarks about not deporting illegals comes at the 1 hour 24 minute mark of the 2+ hour show.

If you are Hispanic, – and you WANT to BELIEVE, – Hillary gave you the words you were waiting to hear.   She’ll let you stay,  – become a citizen,  – and someday vote Democratic….

But the reality is that Democrats will treat you no better than they have America’s Blacks since 1865….

…but give it another 150 years and your great-grandchildren won’t care much – as they lead drug-addicted lives in crime-riddled ghettos – next to the Black crime-riddled ghettos,  – still waiting for some lying politician to ‘lift them up out of poverty’.

Chair hides her fat ass

Democrats know how to play class warfare and bait-and-switch, – and they know believing a too-good-to-be-true lie is way easier that doing any real research or thinking.

Even Hillary was unable to articulate a clear response to a question about Black Lives Matter.

Democrats don’t have an answer – because after 150 years of using government power to keep Blacks disenfranchised and poor, – they cannot envision Blacks as economically and socially equal. Thus they continue to embrace the eugenics of Margaret Sanger.

But for this audience – she advocated different standards for arresting Black and Latino men….

I wonder if she’d care to explain that to an audience of police officers…?

Rembert Browne followed with a question on ‘white extremism’,  – which she answered by lumping ‘gun violence’ with Terry McVeigh,  with gang violence,  and finished up blaming ‘GUNS’.

AND THEN,…came the White Privilege question from a student….

She was ready, and promptly turned into another bio-picture of her babysitting the children of migrant farm workers – through her church of course,…as a ‘child of privilege’ in Chicago.

White privilege question for Hillary

It sure sounded like ‘ducking sniper fire at the airport’ to me….

Jorge and Paola Ramos with Biden

TOP PHOTO:  For those of you too young to remember the events of 2000,  – go Google Elian Gonzalez,  – and learn how Bill Clinton’s Justice Department under Janet Reno and his VP Al Gore worked to send a 10-year old kid back to Communist Cuba – at gunpoint!

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