Hillary 2010: “A Strong Russia”

Posted July 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

…is in the interest of the World…?

No wonder she got $400 MILLION from Russia;  – back then she was already promising them a better deal….


Putin gave Hilary $400 MILLION toward her campaign…( which she accepted…)

BUT somehow turned on her and rigged social media in favor of Trump?

If her campaign accepted $400,000,000.oo from Russia – even by way of Canada,  – while she was SecState,  – she should be in prison!

2 Responses to “Hillary 2010: “A Strong Russia””

  1. Mt Woman

    Sad to believe, she will try for number 3 in 2020, the woman has no pride or understanding of her own failings and incompetence. Rather than “I’m with Her” her motto should be “I can and I will because I want”.


    HA! And you thought that Bill Clinton and Obama were narcissists?

    She has a self-image and feels a ‘call of destiny’ that nobody else can see or hear,…except bitter old women who have led unfulfilled lives and who think having a woman president will make the hurt go away.

    Many of America’s Blacks felt that way back in 2008. 10 years later ask them how much good Obama did for their lives….

  2. Sherox

    Hopefully the voters will put the old woman out to pasture.