High Treason At West Point

Posted November 30th, 2009 by Iron Mike

You’re supposed to be on the edge of your seat in front of your TV – breathless with excitement as you await HIS appearance, hanging on every word of HIS Divine Pronouncement on Afghanistan.  Don’t buy into it.

This man who dithered for days about four Somali pirates in a lifeboat has dithered for months over a very clear-cut operational decision.  That’s right, – this doesn’t even rise to the level of strategy.  Our strategy should be pretty clear – crush al Qaeda.  Eliminate the Taliban if necessary so that Afghanistan does not revert to the 18th Century again.  Pursue both into every remote hamlet and cave where they’re hiding.  Enlist or bully the allies we need, – or bulldoze them out of our way.  Keep Pakistan’s nuclear warheads secure.  Amass the troops we need and get it done!

Auditioning for Puppet

Auditioning for Puppet pResident

You won’t see that Tuesday night.  Instead you’ll see a grandiose exercise in narcissism.  Stagecraft is mandatory so he’ll broadcast from our Military Academy at West Point, likely using a color-coordinated selection of cadets as a backdrop. You’ll see HIM claim to have made the hardest decision of HIS pResidency. Given his circle of “war wizards” – Biden, Jarrett, Clinton, Emanuel, Axelrod, and Mike Mullen, – that ~ could ~ be true.  He may seat the Joint Chiefs behind him and imply he has their consensus. Not exactly. The consensus among them is that to keep their jobs they must nod and smile, just as their forebears did while LBJ piecemealed us to disaster in Vietnam personally selecting bombing targets. Obama won’t tell you “his” decision was actually made by his puppet-master – George Soros.

He’ll claim he’s achieved a coalition of NATO allies.  Untrue, they’ve chided his foot dragging.  He’ll claim full confidence in McChrystal and our troops.  It’s not reciprocated.  They now know they’re mere pawns on Obama’s chessboard.  He’ll say he’s consulted with “partners” in the area.  It’s not so, – he never listened to what they were saying.  McChrystal wants to double the Afghan Army and police forces.  Obama is resisting.  Why would HE want to hold them understrength?

He’ll totally ignore the 800 lb gorilla in the room – the nexus between world heroin addiction and the Afghans’ only cash crop – poppies.  Poppy money has fed Afghans and fueled their corruption for centuries.  A stern lecture from our drug using Teleprompter is sheer hypocrisy. Whether in Afghanistan, Columbia or along our Mexican border, we continue to fund our assassins.  You know that Soros is pro-drug, – right? He is.

Obama’s biggest job Tuesday night will be to keep his Legions of left wing-nuts from exploding.  They don’t care if the Taliban rule Afghanistan or if al Qaeda operates with impunity.  So he’ll use all the buzz words calculated to mollify them like: exit strategy, not open-ended, timetables and benchmarks, measured, and his all-time favorite “willing to sit down and talk with . .”.  If you watch keep a barf bag handy.

Because what’s really playing out is the Soros Cartel’s sinister attempt to make Afghanistan into another Vietnam.  Soros is using this puppet pResident [with no clue about the world, about warfare, about strategy or tactics, and no understanding of the ethos of our military]  as means to divide and polarize our people, demoralize our military, weaken us to the point that we cannot act diplomatically or militarily in another hot spot, – all the while piecemealing our money, our national will, and our troops’ lives with a no-win strategy and a micro-managed operation.  Afghans and Americans will suffer and die because of these machinations.  Plain and simple – all of this is high treason!  Ironic too,  just 229 years and 10 weeks since the last high treason at West Point.

General Arnold

General Arnold

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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2 Responses to “High Treason At West Point”

  1. Rational Nation USA

    Interesting and reasoned arguments. Perhaps a bit much on the treason line but there is no question Obama is dithering with little to no clue as to the solution.

    We either need to give McChrystal the troops he needs to get the job done right and quickly or we need to get the hell out.

    I agree that we may be “smelling” another war like Vietnam. Politicized to the point it increases American causalities so in the end Obama can ultimately bring the troops home “with honor” and lose the war at the same time.

    What a military “genius” is the timid one.