High Time To Erase Kim Jung-un’s Grin!

Posted July 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Kim Jung-un – the ruler of the Hermit Kingdom – i.e. the runt 21st Century Mongolian Warlord is as insane and unbalanced as Nero, Stalin, or Hitler in his final months.

Americans – even our über-liberal communist media,  – need to understand that this stubby round runt doesn’t think like a rational leader.   He plans to pop a nuke – either over Tokyo,  over Anchorage,  or over Hawaii. He thinks he can survive our payback.

He’s got a population of 25 million – and he has very little regard for their welfare. Many starve to death each winter,  – while he builds crude arms for export and for his own army of 1.2 million men and women.

He pays for it all with weapons sales, counterfeiting foreign currency, and counterfeiting pharmaceuticals.

What is totally unclear to us in the West,  – and maybe to the Chinese,…is which of his several hundred generals will take over if he is decapitated in a surgical strike.

Also unclear is what price the South Koreans might pay.   A recent exercise saw the NorKs demonstrate how much long-range artillery they have,  – when they massed part of it on a beach.   Even just this much could nearly lay waste to Seoul,  – and kill nearly a million people within 2 hours.

Thus any US decapitation strike needs to also totally erase the NorK’s Command & Control Systems – and essentially leave the country without radio or telephone service – for weeks.

If Obama had been a real Commander-in-Chief – we’d have such a plan already ‘in the can’ – ready to go. But the Gay Kenyan Pussy had ZERO interest in keeping us safe.   His focus was smuggling arms out of Benghazi to “the Good Syrian Rebels”.

It’s now up to Trump.

There was a song we sang back in Vietnam, – a verse went “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when the H-bomb hits the Orient”.

No, – it wasn’t 21st Century Politically Correct,  – but neither was the war we were fighting.  Now if Kim’s generals won’t remove him,  – and the Chinese won’t remove him,  – then we’ll have to,….or suffer the consequences of his preemptive first strike.


Or,…Trump could do what Bill Clinton did in 1994, – – send Jimmy Carter over to “Make a Deal” with Kim – like he did with his grandfather.

5 Responses to “High Time To Erase Kim Jung-un’s Grin!”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    Much saner to sign a peace treaty. It’s 65 years overdue.

  2. Kojack

    An armistice signed with this Mongolian would be about as effective as the gun-free zone policy was in Colombine.

    What would have been sane would have been for Truman to IGNORE the UN and let McArthur finish what the NORK’s started in June 1950 and take them out.

    Now there are no good options for dealing with this problem.

    One thing is certain, the day after the NORK’s have a nuclear tipped ICBM, the Persians will have also have one.

  3. Kojack

    Probably the best of the bad options is to nuke up Japan and South Korea and pull our troops out.

  4. Walter Knight

    Dennis Rodman will have a good talk with Kim Jung-un.

  5. Hawk1776

    Not an easy issue. Sure, we could crush North Korea but what would happen to South Korea? How would China respond? Who would pay to rebuild North Korea? Would we need to send troops to North Korea permanently as we’ve had to do in South Korea? Even with a nice clean assassination succession would be an issue. I think the best bet will be for China to stop supporting North Korea. The regime wouldn’t last a week without Chinese support.