High-Powered Women FOR Trump!

Posted June 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Even as the mediaSenator Squaw, and the Liar of Benghazi talk about Trump’s ‘attitude’ toward women,  three powerful women have just formed a super-PAC to help get him elected.
Women Vote Trump
You ~ might ~ say they’re not thrilled [aka horrified] at the thought of our First Woman President being Vince Foster’s murderer
The best part?  For these ladies this isn’t their first rodeo!  They know the game even better than Donald.

And as they go after the BITCH, – they can’t be called ‘sexist’!

2 Responses to “High-Powered Women FOR Trump!”

  1. Panther 6

    Yes there are lots of ladies out there who are adamantly opposed to Hill Bitch being in the WH. It is now up to The Donald to convince a lot more. He really needs to tone down and be careful with his words and attacks.

  2. Jeannecole

    Amazing is all I can say — that there are so may women out there who believe in Donald Trump — he IS REAL and he IS AUTHENTIC and he IS HONEST and I am sick to my stomach of the lies and deception from the INSIDERS. I LOVE that he sees and acknowledges all of our problems and that he is also disgusted with the system as it exists. Because my husband and I are of the same age, we have wondered for so long when a person of this caliber would emerge. I SAW YOU ON C-SPAN TODAY AND I THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUT. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT NO ONE HAS COMMON SENSE ANYMORE — THERE ARE SO MANY CON JOBS OUT THERE AND HILLARY AND BILL HAVE PULLED THE WOOL OVER OUR EYES FOR WAY TOO LONG!!! JEANNE COLE 732-390-8178 — KEEP UP YOUR VERY GOOD WORK!!